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Man cleaning window of a home.

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Man cleaning window of a home.

Jaelynn Tagle, Staff Writer

A young man in Maidstone England started a business that washes windows for FREE in his free time to do good deeds for his community. This kind man is a good example of what people should be doing for the community to help improve it. His window service has become fairly popular in his area and has been recognized by many people. The 25-year-old tells SWNS news,” I like to think it makes a difference to the appearance of the area and hopefully improves road safety during these long winter nights.” He’s really considering other people instead of his own personal uses. He could turn this into an act of kindness into a business and ask for money but no, he decides to do what would benefit other people rather than himself. Many people on social media have seen his work and given him the recognition he deserves by greeting him and beeping their horns.

His service which is entirely from scratch can be found on his Facebook. On his social media, he has over 3 thousand followers and likes. After his new business took off, he began also cleaning the road signs as a way to thank his supporters. To promote his business, he posts videos of himself cleaning the places and shares them on the Maidstone community pages. Liam explains,” It’s a bit of a win-win for everybody, It’s very rewarding.” This is very true. When you do something good, it feels good. Doing good for the community or for any other reason releases serotonin and makes people happy which makes them want to do it again and again. As they say, kindness is addictive and nothing harms you when you do something good. Good deeds like these never go unseen. Now with social media, man in black t-shirt holding coca cola bottleadvertising has never ever been easier. You can easily advertise any business by posting it on social media. Any small action can greatly affect someone’s life.

In a video published by SWNS news, on youtube, you can see Liam satisfyingly cleaning a sign. By doing this he hopes to keep motorists safe. Ultimately meaning that once a sign is dirty it becomes hard to read. Therefore, he cleans them so that the directions are easier to read leading to less occurrence of an accident or confusion. It also just makes the streets cleaner and clears them as they already look dirty with all the traffic on the road. Liam is a great example of how much of a small difference can change someone’s life. Who knows what could have happened to other people who weren’t able to see the signs?

Having integrity like him is important because although he never asked for any money, he didn’t ask for the recognition he has now. Doing good for the community is beneficial and rewarding in many ways like personal reasons and the reason that helping other people makes both their day and yours. Kindness is something that is always repaid one way or another. You never realize it but kindness comes back one way or another.