The Death of Rom-Com Movies

Tina Ngo, Shark Story Editor and Publicist

Rom-Com movies were the best things that occurred in the 2000s, but it seems that there has been what seems to be a death of romantic comedies. They don’t seem to provide the same humor or romance that collide in unison creating a surreal experience for the watcher. 

“Ten Things I Hate About You”, “Clueless”, and “How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days” are all romantic comedy classics. They were on every single person’s “must-watchlist and still are a popular classic that everyone has watched before. It all brings a certain serotonin to the heart. But these movies have slowly faded away in the filming industry and haven’t come back. Why did the production of rom-com movies fade away?

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The romantic comedy genre has slowly faded away and has been replaced with more action-related movies. Hollywood has been putting its energy into more big-money blockbuster movies rather than mid-budget sappy rom-com movies. So much money has been put into Marvel and other superhero movies that the focus overall shifted. Those big Hollywood blockbusters slowly took over as soon as rom-com movies started to plummet. It’s not a big surprise that the trend of romantic comedies went down. Romantic comedies are not the only movie genre that went into the grave, any mid-budget movies also have plummeted. 

Another major factor is that romantic comedies didn’t make as much money overseas as they did in the United States. Action movies or superhero movies make money overseas as well as in the country. Money was a big factor in why rom-com movies died. There wasn’t as much profit as there could have been with other movies like “Iron Man” or “Spiderman” which provided international profit as well as in the country. In reality, money is everything and provided a gateway for romantic comedies to peacefully rest.  

Although the rise of action and superhero movies rocketed, it isn’t the only reason why. The target audience isn’t there anymore. Billy Mernit, author of Writing the Romantic Comedy has stated that people aren’t getting married as young as they used to be anymore which wouldn’t make sense if the whole idea of romantic comedies is getting married at the end. In 2011, romantic comedy viewers slowly dropped and weren’t gaining popularity as they used to. They didn’t make as much money as they used to. 

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Trends go away and come back which is nothing new in the film and Hollywood industry either. Industries need to keep up with the demands and romantic comedies were no longer a “must-have”. The market for movies needed more action-related movies which were doing well all over the world, unlike rom-com movies which were national, not international. 

Although there is no longer production of romantic comedies as much as there used to be, they are still vital and classics. And that is what romantic comedies are, classics that everyone watches once in a while when they are missing the funny yet romantic relationships that were so popular in the 1990s and 2000s.