FIFA World Cup


Christina Ayoub, Staff Writer

World Cup Intro:

The FIFA World Cup is an international soccer tournament played by the men’s national teams of 32 countries. Considered to be the most widely viewed sports event, held every four years, this tournament has been held since the inaugural tournament in 1930. The World Cup has only not occurred in 1942 and 1946 due to the Second World War. This year, the 2022 World Cup is being held in Qatar. This tournament contains multiple different stages and rounds. Starting with 32 teams, the players compete in the group stage of the tournament. They then compete in the knockout stage where the national teams begin to be eliminated. The 16 victorious teams of the group stage then move on to the round of 16, where 8 games are played to decide the teams playing in the quarter-finals. Eight teams remain to play in the quarter-finals, whichever team loses goes home and ends their competition in the World Cup. The lasting 4 teams compete in the semi-finals, followed by the third place play-off, and ending the month-long sporting event with the final two teams play for the World Cup Trophy and the title of the national champions.


World Cup Players:

The players competing in this tournament go through so much both physically and mentally beginning in the world cup qualifiers starting on June 6, 2019, and ending on June 14, 2022. They all have to play their best for an extended period of time to not let down their country, fans, or team. These players face many obstacles and victories in this month of non-stop competition. Some of the obstacles these players face can include injuries.


And we’re under way!


Neymar 🇧🇷~

After 76 goals and 123 matches, Neymar has played on the Brazil national team since he was 18. Within these many years on the team he has been through many of his own obstacles and victories, as well as specifically in this World Cup. His main obstacle in this tournament was the ankle injury he recieved during Brazils victory against Serbia. This injury caused him to be abesnt in Brazils game against both Cameroon and Switzerland. One of his victories in this tournament was the penalty he scored during Brazils game against South Korea, only his first game back after the injury.


Lionel Messi 🇦🇷~

Often referred to as the Argentinian King, Messi began playing for the Argentina national team at just 16 years old. Over the last 19 years Messi has scored 94 goals in 169 games for Argentina, also experiencing many obstacles and victories along the way. Specifically during the 2022 World Cup, one of Messi’s greatest obstacles was the upset loss Argentina faced against Saudi Arabia. This surprising defeat left both Messi and Argentina in a tough position amidst their competition. One of Messi’s victories in this World Cup was actually his recovery from this loss. He was able to bring himself and his team back up and win the rest of their matches in the World Cup thus far. 


Christian Pulisic 🇺🇸~ 

A rising star in the early stages of his World Cup career, Christian Pulisic has scoreed 22 goals in 56 appearneces for the USMNT (United States Mens National Team). Pulisc has proven, not only for himself but for his whole team, that the USMNT has earned their position on the field in this World Cup. While doing so he faced many challenges and victories, his main obstacle being the pelvic contusion that he sustained while fighting for the US’ position in the Round of 16. In order to make this goal, Pulisic had a collision with Iran’s goalkeeper in order to drive the ball into the goal. This resulted in him and his team’s advancement to the Round of 16 in the FIFA World Cup. 


Cristiano Ronaldo 🇵🇹~ 

Ronaldo, the highest international men’s goalscorer, has scored 118 goals in 196 appearances for Portugals national team. During the 2022 tournament, he also became the first man to score in 5 different FIFA World Cups. After playing for all of Portugal’s games in the tournament, Ronaldo was benched by Fernando Santos and only later subbed into this game against Switzerland. While being benched, his team managed to win the game 6-1 while also advancing to the quarter-finals. One of Ronaldo’s victories in this tournament was Portugals first goal of the match against Ghana scored by him in the 64th minute. This goal strengthened Portugals confidence and helped them secure a spot in the Round of 16. 




While these players are so different, they share one thing in common. All of these players have given their best to their teams and every match that they have competed in. Going into the quarter-finals, the rest of the world anticipates the coming games, to see how their teams compete in the rest of the FIFA World Cup.