Why more and more students are opting for Community College.


Ezra Vega, Staff Writer

That unsure feeling is felt among many individuals looking into community college, but making the transition from 2 years at a community college to a university is much smoother, not to mention the likelihood you’ll be drowning in your own student debts is significantly less. This has been an increasing problem for many adults who see the reality of student loan debt.

Most of us are told the toxic narrative starting from a young age – to get straight A’s in high school and go on to attend a private or public university for four years, to then start your career with a degree to rely on for many great opportunities for work!

Ideally, life eventually falls into place, and you are happy and successful, but for some, this is anything but the case. People in recent years have been faced with high costs after attending a university or state college. Many have realized that the reality of studying at a university can be much more of a burden than what you really gain from it.

Data shows that people who graduated from a 4-year university have a median debt of $25,000. Put into perspective what your starting salary is when you are just beginning in the workforce, and you will see that $25,000 just simply is not worth the hype.

According to thinkimpact.com, “Community college students who decide to attend a two-year college instead of a four-year institution can save upwards of about $30,000 in potential student debt.”.

That is a lot of money that you will have saved just by going to community college.

If you are still unsure if community college is the right choice, perhaps having more time to think about what you want to study before settling down will make you think twice about attending community college. With transfer rates being 10.3% – higher than the previous year, which stands at 0.3%, there is almost no reason not to take on the extra 2 years, as you will find yourself in a much happier place in the long run. According to bestcolleges.com – “Nationwide, 41% of American college students attend a community college. About 30% of them will eventually transfer to a four-year institution.”

In that 41%, I am sure there are so many post-graduates that have no regrets. The majority will still go on to graduate from a university, and some might have even changed their major entirely. For those that are unsure what they want to do after high school, community college is a great path to take, no matter where you are at, academically, socially, and mentally.

Community colleges have many great benefits besides just being “free.” Although the cost being significantly less is very challenging to top, many see the advantage in having smaller class sizes, and especially the chance to transfer to a more prestige four year.

Overall, whichever path you decide to take is personal to you. Each of us will have our own unique journey with different stories and experiences to tell along the way. Whether you decide to go to college or not, or if you plan to go into the military, there is always an opportunity to advance your education, and you should when the time is right for you.