Rest in Peace, Adrianna Kuch

Arianna Bultsma, Editor in Chief

Suicide is a huge issue, especially among teenagers with social media being the primary source of people’s communication. 20% of high schoolers have reported severe suicidal thoughts; keep in mind it is most likely even more that haven’t said anything to anyone. Bullying has played a big factor with depression. Not only is there bullying in person but also cyberbullying. When you see a peer being bullied whether that’s face to face or through, it is time to speak up-You never know how bullying affects someone’s mental toughness. February 4th in New Jersey, a fourteen-year-old girl was found by her parents unalive after committing suicide. Just two days before she was attacked by students at her school. Not only did these students beat her they also filmed it and had it posted on the internet. It’s important to remember once something is posted on social media it is there forever there without the possibility of being deleted; People take screenshots and screen recordings of things before they get the chance to be deleted. 

Adrianna Kuch was a student at Central Regional High School. February 1st she was walking the school halls with her boyfriend, which was the place of the attack. In the video, Kuch was seen being beaten, kicked to the floor, and eventually blacked out on the hallway floor. Adrianna was also hit with a 20-ounce water bottle. Despite her being blacked out and bleeding the school did not send Adrianna to the hospital. 

The four students have been charged. One student was charged with aggravated assault, two with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, and the last student was charged with harassment. Ocean Country Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer mentioned there is a pending court appearance for each juvenile. Michael Kuch, Adrianna’s father, spoke out and said he knows why this happened and explained that for a couple of years, these girls haven’t liked each other and his daughter had been threatened online by one of them before. 

My heart breaks for Adrianna Kuch and her family and friends. Not only does this hurt being a high school student, but also because I am an older sister to a fourteen-year-old brother. I feel for the Kuch family on a deep level as my family has lost someone to suicide as well. As I was reading articles on Adrianna Kuch my heart ached. I kept thinking when will this end? There are people speaking out and protesting which is amazing. Even students at Central Regional High School walked out in protest. But it is almost like bullying is a repeated cycle, never-ending. I hope that is not true. Please if you or a loved one is being bullied, talk to someone, and get the help you deserve. Bullying is never okay and needs to end. May Adrianna Kuch’s soul rest in peace.