Daniel Snyder’s Personal Piggy Bank


Savannah Creighton, Staff writer

The Commanders (now former Washington Redskins) owner Daniel Snyder used his team for his personal use. This all got exploited when the team found out that Snyder had billed the team $4.5 million to put the team logo on HIS private jet.  His partners Dwight Schar, Robert Rothman, and Frederick W. Smith discovered in April 2020 Snyder’s $55 million credit line, in when they were not paid their quarterly share. After finding out about this self-transaction from Snyder, the partners faced Daniel Snyder demanding his justification on these credit lines, but Snyder dismissed the partners like it was nothing. Later on, Dwight Schar, Robert Rothman, and Frederick W. Smith found out that he used more than $20 MILLION on the credit line.

Bank of America officials asked the Commander’s team executives for verification that the board had approved the loan.  The partners were blamed and had to convince the NFL that BOFA (Bank Of America)  could have gotten fraud or that  Dan’s agents or himself could have “misrepresented”  trying to prove that the partners never signed a loan. Nevertheless to find out the executives never turned in a copy to the board for approval before the loan closed. Subsequently, the team lawyer notices that the board approval for the loan never existed, and documents show proof behind his accusation.

The three bounded partners filed an arbitration petition with the NFL, months before they sued Snyder in Maryland federal court.

” The arbitration filing flatly declared that Snyder was using team cash “to support his lavish lifestyle.

Before the partners found out about the whole secret line, Dwight Schar, Robert Rothman, and Frederick W. Smith started to think about selling most of their stakes in the team. Snyder would not agree to the minority owners selling their share of the commanders because if they did it would prompt an audit that would uncover the loan.

Roger Goodell the commissioner of the National Football League has some evidence that he was barely a “bystander”. In order to get a loan far off the strict set limit, you must get permission from the league’s financial committee with 24 of 32 owners. Although NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy did not admit or deny the query whether Washington’s new surprising credit line was approved by the finance committee and the 32 owners.

The partners wanted Snyders selfish act to be known to the NFL they didn’t care how that just wanted it to be found out. General counsel Pash from the NFL wrote to each side the rules for mediation making it clear that this confidential mediation session was for the intention of the potential of ” facilitating/possible buyout”.

” The partners reluctantly went along with mediation, sources told ESPN, in part because Smith worried that holding out would hurt his son’s career. Arthur Smith was the Tennessee Titans’ offensive coordinator at the time. He is now the Falcons’ head coach.” 

After a month of assembling, Daniel Snyder consents to buy out his three partners Dwight Schar, Robert Rothman, and Frederick W. Smith 40% share total of $875 million, with no doubt Snyder was cash poor, so he requested the National Football League’s permission to finance the buyout, the correct way Snyders request was granted by borrowing an additional  $450 million but with a debt- limit wavier.

Mr. Snyder will continue to go along with his plans to sell the Commanders.