Senior Send Off

Diego Tolossa, Staff Writer

Leaving high school can be both exciting and overwhelming for seniors. It signifies the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one in their lives. Seniors must navigate a world of new possibilities and difficulties as they say goodbye to their teachers, classmates, and routines.

The transition to adulthood is one of the most significant changes that seniors experience. Therefore, I interviewed two seniors about their feelings about graduating and what they had accomplished at Santiago Highschool.

Paige Wells:

“I’m excited yet nervous about going to college. This being it’s the start of my career. My accomplishments through the high school include completing classes Sports Medicine 1 & 2 because these classes will help me in college and give me an advantage on what to expect in future college classes.”

Seniors must take on new responsibilities as they leave high school, such as managing their finances, finding employment, and navigating the world of higher education. This can be a daunting experience for many, but seniors can succeed in this new phase of their lives with the proper support and resources.

Treasure McClellan:

“I feel excited about going off to college and being out of state because even though it will be nerve-racking, it will also broaden my view of life and my opportunities my biggest accomplishments in high school definitely would be winning awards like the academic achievement award, and Kamala Harris in Barack Obama leadership award from parents of African-American student advisory council, and also being one of the captains of the Hip Hop team because it was a perfect leadership experience and fun.”

Leaving secondary school can likewise be a close-to-home insight. A high school is a place where many seniors have made lifelong friends and memories. Although it can be challenging to say goodbye to these relationships, seniors must remember that they will continue to meet new people and experience new things in the coming years.

Despite the difficulties that come with graduating from high school, this is also an excellent time for opportunity. Seniors get the chance to investigate their interests, attempt new things, and seek after their fantasies. In addition, they can make the existence they need and affect their general surroundings.

Leaving high school is a massive achievement for seniors. It signifies the conclusion of one chapter and the commencement of a new one. Seniors have the potential to accomplish great things and create a bright future for themselves. With the right help, they can effectively explore this progress and flourish in future years.

As we say our final goodbyes to the ’23 Senior class, we wish them a farewell and only send good wishes to whatever will come to them in their journey. Finding yourself is hard, but having peers around you to help genuinely does wonders.