From Riverside to Surfside

   You trek through the trail on your bike, lock it up as you dig your feet into the sand and study the reddish-orange sunset. The chirping seagulls and the whoosh of the tide soothes your aching nerves.
   The Santa Ana River Trail (SART) has been in use since the 80s, stretching 30 miles from the Orange County/Riverside county line to Huntington Beach. Some of the sights that you’ll come across along the way include the rush of the river water, the seasonal flowers in bloom, and the finches flying alongside you as you ride. Famous attractions like Angel Stadium, the Honda Center and Disneyland can also be seen along the way.
   For beginners, the ideal ride would be from Green River Golf Course to Weir Canyon. This trail stretches for about six miles and would take the average person thirty minutes to accomplish. If you arrive to Green River by car, you will need to park on the dirt along the road near the golf course entrance. You’ll see a variety of nature native to our area and you’ll have an up close view of the river.
   People who considered themselves good cyclists could venture even farther, to Angel Stadium. This route is seventeen miles and takes almost an hour and twenty minutes, but many would consider this time well spent.
   Advanced riders will love the whopping 27.6 miles, two hour and ten minute bike ride to Huntington Beach through the Santa Ana river trail. Once you arrive, be sure to try out Perry’s Pizza in Huntington, because after a ride like that, you’ll definitely deserve it.