Logan: Wolverine’s Last Movie

Logan: Wolverine's Last Movie

Madison Castello, Staff Writer

Hugh Jackman’s most recent and last movie as Wolverine, Logan, came to theaters on March 3rd. This new film starts with Wolverine or Logan trying to take care of a sick Charles Xavier, played by Patrick Stewart, near the Mexican border. Everything gets completely frazzled when Logan is asked to protect a young mutant girl with powers much like his own. Laura, or actress Dafne Keen, has Wolverine’s razor-sharp claws and incredible healing powers and agility. The movie was just as thrilling and epic as past Wolverine movies but Logan is getting older and growing weak so every little battle seems to take its toll on Logan’s health.

I know many think this movie will be like the other “superhero” movies where good defeats evil and the guy gets the girl in the end, yet it is not. First of all (without trying to give away any major spoilers), the main female character is a young girl who Logan loves but not in the usual way. Laura is like a daughter to him; after all, she was created from his genes and gifted with his mutant powers.  We also lose two insanely huge characters from the slice of a claw, but not Logan’s. Want to see the movie yet? I sure hope so. Overall, it was a greatly engaging movie with many twists and turns, a refreshing change from the usual hero movies.

As a huge X-Men fan, I loved this movie and thought it was a great conclusion to the Wolverine franchise.  This film also brought many new mutants to life but in a unique way. Other mutants like Laura were created in secret facilities to grow up one day to become super soldiers. The whole thing blew up of course when the doctors realized even manufactured mutants have emotions too. We only met about five of the mutant kids, even though more were created. I suspect we will be seeing many more movies involving these new mutants, although Logan is gone. I highly recommend seeing this film if you do not mind fast action or if you just want to see how Wolverine and one other extremely important character’s story ends.

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