Alexander Kirkwood
Alexander Kirkwood (11),a current junior at Santiago High School, would like to go to college at North Carolina or Clemson and earn a degree in journalism and communications. He wants to work for ESPN, CBS, NBC, or Fox.

When Alex made the high school basketball team, it really boosted his confidence and pushed him to take more challenging and college ready courses such as AP U.S. History and AP Language Arts.

Alex spent a lot of time in his room a few summers ago and he listened to a lot of sports talk radio. From listening to the various sports talk host, he developed and admiration and respect for them and decided what his career path would be, a sports journalist/ analyst. When Alex is not listening to the radio, he can be found playing basketball with friends or playing tug-a-war with his two dogs, Max and Dakota.

In his future, Alex hopes to pursue a career in sports journalism and maybe even create his own sports newspaper or website. He would also like to spread kindness and help as many people as possible through charity and other foundations.

Alexander Kirkwood, Staff Writer

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Alexander Kirkwood