Breakfast Burrito Review

Maddy Dacosta, Staff Writer

After going to not one, not two, but three breakfast burrito places, I went home with three respective bacon breakfast burritos in order to discover the best-tasting option coupled with the most outstanding service. I visited Burger Basket, in Corona; Farmer Boys, which is also located in Corona; and Alamilla’s, which can be found in Norco.

There were four cars in line when we arrived at Burger Basket. My mom and I ordered our food at 5:34 pm and got our food around nine minutes later, at 5:43 pm, which I believe is a reasonable amount of time accounting for the number of cars in front of us. At Burger Basket, they take only Visa MasterCards, but I wish they would accept all cards since I personally have a credit card. The total was 7.42 dollars for a normal-sized burrito, and the service was very good. The lady checking us out had a very friendly smile and used all manners.  Now to the burrito! Their burrito was not my favorite as it had small amounts of eggs, bacon, cheese, and a huge amount of hash browns. All the ingredients were explicitly layered, rather than mixed.  They cooked their hash browns in coconut oil, which made the burrito taste odd, but the bacon was very crispy and had amazing flavor. The bacon wasn’t the only impressive asset; the salsa that came with it made the burrito a little bit easier to eat.

At Farmer Boys, we ordered at 5:46 pm and got our food seven minutes later at 5:53 pm, which I find pretty unreasonable as there was only one car in front of us.  The total was 7.85 dollars and, luckily, they take the cards. The service was also very positive, as the cashier was very cheerful and cracked a lot of jokes in the brief moments we had to talk to him.  The Farmer Boys burrito was approximately the same size as Burger Basket’s, but their eggs and bacon were cooked together and the bacon was crispy. Their hash browns were much better than Burger Basket’s and all the ingredients were mixed unlike Burger Baskets. They also included three different salsas and sauces that the cashier was very generous in ensuring we received all of.

Now moving to Alamilla’s. We pulled up to no cars in front of us and ordered our food at 6:01 pm and got our food seven minutes later at 6:08 pm, which got my mom and I very angry.  They also take all cards and the total was 6.63 dollars, which was reasonable since their burrito was a bit smaller than the other two.  At Alamilla’s, our service was unsatisfactory–the lady checking us out took our card and took almost six minutes to give it back, as she had been taking another person’s order without giving us our food or card. But the burrito here was by far the best. Their tortillas tasted homemade and all the ingredients were mixed and the bacon was crispy and very flavorful.  Instead of hash browns, they had potatoes, and they had more potatoes than bacon, egg, or cheese, which I personally liked. However, they also gave us hot sauce that was not very good; it was chunky and tasted like hot wing sauce.

Clearly, each location had some benefits and some drawbacks, but it’s safe to say I enjoyed my breakfast burrito quest!