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Juliette Damian

Juliette Damian, Staff Writer

Juliette Damian (10) is a current Sophomore at Santiago High School where her favorite subject is Language arts. Anything having to do with writing, art, and creativity are what interests her most. In her life, she’s traveled from the sandy coasts of California to destinations all over Europe. Paris, Greece, England, you name it. Her parents were also born in Romania, so she and her family visit there often. Juliette is aiming to improve her writing by taking AP Literature in her Junior year. Her ongoing classes also work to challenge and enhance her writing skills. One of Juliette’s hobbies is playing tennis. She is on her high school’s team and has been playing for about seven years now. She’s played the piano for that amount of time as well. She also reads in her free time and occasionally enjoys painting or drawing. She is an officer in the Girl Up club at Santiago High School, which is a feminist club, and she plans to join and volunteer in plenty more clubs. Juliette aspires to write a book one day. She plans to use this book to inspire her mother to finally write one as well; like she’s always wanted to. With someone who had a talent for writing around her all her life, it only persuaded her to also take interest in it at a young age and pursue it somehow. You can reach Juliette at [email protected]


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Juliette Damian