Was Pushing the Time Back Really Necessary?


Juliette Damian, Staff Writer

The district, under a directive by the state of California, has set forth a new regulation that pushes the time an hour back from its standard time; causing students’ schedules to shift altogether. The purpose behind this sudden alteration in the school district is to benefit the number of sleep teenagers receive, yet there are still many flaws within the regulation.

Judging by school days starting later, this not only affects the time students get out of school, but also the activities, clubs, and sports that take place after it. Students need to leave space for their workloads, so although you might get to sleep in later, teens also find themselves staying up longer because of the work and activities left over.

California is pushing back school start times. The move could sweep the nation — or backfire.


“People who have sports and extracurriculars have to stay up later because if you’re shifting the time and not editing the workload, you’ll just end up getting the same amount of sleep as you did before.” Caden Snitker (10).

Similar statements were heard from several other students about this particular flaw in the regulation, which completely defies the purpose of students getting more sleep.

“The district pushed the time an hour back because they think students will get more sleep, but we are getting the same amount because we just sleep in later than we used to.” – Natasha Dhamsania (11).

I have decided to gather the opinions of different students around Santiago High School. In an interview, I ask a series of questions surrounding thoughts on this regulation, and how it affects their after-school activities and sleep. There was a definite contrast between the individuals who had it in their favor and those who did not.

For instance, those who didn’t seem to entirely agree with the district’s decision have explanations that fall under the same categories:

“I don’t like school being pushed back because sports and extracurriculars make me get home at about 9 pm now, and I don’t get any more sleep.” – Nick Gomez (10).

“When it comes to activities, it is a nightmare because it is going to be difficult to plan meetings for Girl Up or Partners in Health and I film the boy’s soccer games so when the season starts my schedule will definitely be a little cramped because I will have less time between the end of school and games.” – Priscilla Sierra(12).

“A lot of people have sports after school, including me, and it pushes back the time so it makes me go to bed later.” – Jett Blake (10).

“I personally don’t like the time being pushed back an hour because I am a part of many extracurriculars that are after school. For example, I am on the tennis team here at Santiago and now practice ends one hour later which only leaves time for dinner and homework.” -Natasha Dhamsania (11).

“I have a job and traffic is heavy so I sometimes get there late. So, not ideal.” -Lizbeth Pineda (12).

“I don’t like it because of sports and it makes me feel like the whole rest of my day is gone.” – Hannah Covarrubias (10).

The reoccurrence of sports and after-school activities in the individual’s responses affects their opinions greatly on this subject of matter, but another common problem among the opposed respondents comes from a different perspective:

“… If this happened when I was an underclassman and I was getting picked up and dropped off it would have been a problem because even though my schedule changed my parent’s schedules would not have and I wouldn’t have anyone to take me or pick me up from school.” -Priscilla Sierra (12).

“I have to get to school at the same time in the morning because my mom still has her work at that time and I need to get dropped off, so it has no effect on my sleep and just makes the rest of my day cramped.” – Chloe (10).

Negative responses to the district’s decision stem from a wide variety of diverse lifestyles and positions. However, where one opinion lies, there is always another to counter it:

“I like it because I get to sleep in but also not be late to school, I sleep a lot and don’t really have any after-school activities.” – Ali Ahmed (10)

“I surprisingly sleep earlier because I have more time in the morning to get ready and even do some of my work ahead of time, I say since I can drive myself to school I am capable of adjusting to our school’s schedule.” Priscilla Sierra (12)

“I have no after-school activities so I like it because I can sleep more.” -Aiden Chayette (10).

“I like it because I get to wake up later now and I have more time to get ready in the morning . . . I don’t really do anything after school so it doesn’t affect me badly.” – Sierra (10)

“I get more sleep and I don’t really do anything after school, I just do my homework.” – Danielle (10)

It is clear that those with busier schedules do not favor the time being pushed back whilst those who have a more buoyant schedule favor it and actually benefit from it.

Although there are many underlying flaws as seen above by the diverse student responses, two viewpoints can never be tended to at the same time. There will always be an opposing side to every decision made, and there is no way to appeal to both parties. Therefore, we all must adapt to any alterations and make do with what we will.