Specialized Masks: The New Trend


Magdalena Reutzel, Staff Writer

There are so many ways to show your personality through apparel. From what type of store you shop at to the type of colors is your ‘style,’ your personality is expressed through your outward appearance every day. With Covid-19 making it harder and harder to go outside some people have gotten creative within the way they express themselves. One of the newest trends is to personalize your face masks.

There happen to be multiple ways in order to wear a face mask, from the normal surgical mask to complete face coverings. The face masks that you can buy however aren’t always the most fashionable. Most come in plain colors, such as black or navy, which can be helpful in certain situations in which a plain color works well, but what about when an outfit needs a bit more pop?

Face masks, now, are being specialized parts of outfits. As you are no longer able to show half of your face, personalized face masks are able to show the people you meet just the type of person you are. Companies will now print generic masks that have some form of artistic design to them. People can now customize the masks they buy or create their own.

Most homemade face masks are made out of cloth and can be sold at a hefty price depending on the quality. This has led to some people making their own business out of these masks. It is quite hard to say whether or not these face masks are worth the amount of money spent, but it is allowing people something to do while stuck home in quarantine.

While unusual, it is not unlikely to see full-face coverings. These have a band that wraps around your head and a clear plastic covering that shields your face from the rest of the world. These happen to be sold in many places as well, although there is no such specialization for them.

Face masks have become not only a necessity in today’s society but a form of self-expression. In these uncertain times, it is a way to connect to the soul of another and understand their personality better. Specialized face masks are a market that can only grow the more time we spend in quarantine.