Riverside Has a Message for California Governor


Ava DeMello, Staff Writer

California governor, Gavin Newsom, just recently announced a new stay at home order. However, our Riverside sheriff, Chad Bianco, has disagreed with it and will not go through with the order. Bianco says that the governor is hypocritical because he says we need to shut down schools, stop traveling, etc. but Newsom is still doing all of those things. He just wants the public to stop, even though he won’t. There are many sides to Bianco’s decision about if he is in the wrong or not. 

Some Riverside residents agree with the fact that we shouldn’t shut down again. On What’s Up Corona, a Facebook community page, a lot of people give their opinions about the situation. The ones who agree, say that we have already shut down once before and the cases still went up, so what’s the point? They also don’t want places to shut down and not have anything to do. 

Although on the other side, people disagree because of how severe the cases have gotten, so they think we need to shut down until they get better. But, research says the cases are going to continue to rise and drop, no matter what we do. People think we need to shut everything down and make the social distancing rules more strict because when we opened back up, that’s when they got worse. Another factor is if we shut down, restraints and businesses struggle and could possibly go out of business. So, people worry about losing money if it’s their own, or people worry about losing places they love going. 

With COVID-19, there will always be controversy no matter what orders we follow. Every time we have stayed open, people disagree, but when we shut down, people also disagree. We just have to try different things until we find what will keep us all safe. 

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