Introducing Santiago’s Winter Sports- Interview


Idinma Ifeanyichukwu, A&E Editor

 We love supporting our sports teams, and while you may be familiar with the games you’ll be attending. Do you know what kind of players you’re rooting for? As the school year comes to a close, I decided to interview a few members of each of our big sports teams so you can get a better idea of your school and the spirit it strives to reflect!

 These are the questions they’ll be answering:

  • What goals do you and the team have for this athletic year?
  • How far do you believe you will go with your team?-( championships blah blah blah) 
  • What is the best part of competing in your sport?

Girls Waterpolo said 

Ali Riloraza-

  1. I want to find a plan in which my team and I work better together; I want us to have a lot of enthusiasm and go all out in every game. I want us to win as many games as possible while still remaining motivated so that the young players can keep a strong record for the program’s future.
  2. Based on our competitors, I believe we will win the league championship this year. We’ve been undefeated for three years, which has set a high standard for us, but we believe that with the correct mindset, we can go far. We’re even excited to participate in CIF against the best schools in the state.
  3. The best part about playing this spot is the relationship you form with your teammates. Practicing with them every signing day has allowed us to get to know each other very well. We all look forward to taking these friendships past high school. Although the training can get exhausting and tiring, the fact that the school cares enough to keep us in top shape is probably the reason we all keep coming back. The high of knowing that another win was secured is a feeling like no other.

Emma Clayman

  1. This year our team is competing to continue our three-year winning league champs and strive to do our best in CIF. 
  2. Our team will hopefully make it past League and into CIF. I can’t tell the future but if we work together as a team and push ourselves to grow as athletes I think we could make it to CIF. 
  3. The best part about competing in water polo is the fact that I’m able to work hard in the water with my teammates because in and out of the water we push each other to be the best we can be. I also enjoy how competitions help me grow into a stronger person mentally and physically. 

Lexi Cervantes-

  1. I want everyone to individually improve and also work collaboratively as a team. I want us to work on communicating and building a deeper relationship as a collective. 
  2. I’m not sure what our future goals are but I believe we can make it far if we set our mind to it. 
  3. The best thing about being in water polo is to build great relationships with your teammates along the way. 

 Boys basketball:

Jason Choe- 

  1.  My goals for me and the team this year are to definitely make the playoffs and try to win the championship and get a ring. Also as a senior, I want to build up the program for the next generations to come so we can become stronger and become a D1 program. 
  2. I think our team will definitely make playoffs, I think we’re strong enough to make it there, and I feel like we can actually make championships if we stay together and work hard
  3. The best part of competing is you know getting those wins and again were building that chemistry. It’s been better this year, than past years because we’ve actually gotten together and talked about it ( the game I’m assuming ), we’re actually bonding and talking to each other on what we can do better on.

Louis Roaches-

  1. The goals that I have for me and the team basically are to do better than we did last year and hopefully, we make it to chasing the ring, which means going to the playoffs. 
  2. In all honesty, I think it just depends on how well we play in the regular season and first finish out these pre-season games which will determine how far we’ll go. I think we’ll go to the playoffs, hopefully to the championship round, but then again it depends on how our preseason goes.
  3. Being able to chase your dreams with your brothers, I think is the best part of competing because at the same time it is a brotherhood which I personally never had and I know some of the guys have never had, but I think that the best part about being in basketball. 

Then girls basketball:

Myla Moore-

  1. I really want to work on my confidence this season and work on my skill for the position i play. I believe my team collectively feels as if we can always grow more in the area of how we play with each other and that we can always get better playing on the court
  2. I belive that my team is strong enough beat some teams this year that we hadn’t beat last year
  3. I love the hype that we give each other when on the bench, before and after games. I believing what makes competing in my sport fun is the people you play with and the friendships that are maintained not only on the court but outside the school as well.

Then girls soccer:

Jordan ¨ Samantha¨ Salinas-

  1. Our main goal this year is to be league champs for the 3rd year in a row and win CIF or state. 
  2. I believe we will get  into the  finals of CIF for a rematch against Harvard Westlake and come out of the championships this time around 
  3. Competing against teams in a division 1 conference that are equal if not better at what they do and having to match their energy makes the wins that much more meaningful.

Sheila Sanchez-

  1. The goals I have for this year’s soccer team are to be 3rd-year league champs and speaking of some of the other girls, they were hoping to become CIF champs!
  2. We have an amazing roster full of talent so I believe with faith and perseverance we can make it to the finals of CIF and state.
  3. The best part about competing in my sport is that I get  to become closer with young  girls and build a connection with the team and have a second family

Finally Boys Soccer:

Sebastian Tores

  1.  I believe Our goal this year is to win our 3rd constructive big vii league title, as well as make another run in CIF as a D1 team
  2.  We are confident in our team’s competitiveness for a league title, and we hope to return to both the CIF final and Southern Section State Finals as well
  3. The best part of competing in my sport is the friendship and camaraderie I feel with my teammates. I’ll miss sharing the field with this group.

David Carbajal-

  1. The goal the team has for this year is to win our 3rd straight big vii league title and make another strong run in both CIF and State Playoffs. 
  2. As a team, we believe we have the potential to meet our goals and more, but we will need to work extremely hard on and off the field if we want to really accomplish them. 
  3. The best part about competing and playing this sport is being able to create a special bond with all of my teammates on and off the field, and being able to go out onto the field and give it ours all for each other.


It’s undeniable that we have some devoted, confident, and hardworking sharks on our team! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone at these games ready and willing to support these teams (and wrestling, who I was unable to interview) throughout the forthcoming winter season. Have a wonderful holiday season, and I’ll see you next year!