A Day in a life at Wendy’s


Imari McGhee, Staff writer

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/32/Wendy%27s_full_logo_2012.svgIf you ever thought about finding a job that prides itself on not creating a stressful environment out, is very flexible, and genuinely cares about you, then Wendy’s is the place to apply. While I have been employed at Wendy’s, I have been treated with nothing more than respect.  

In the past, the jobs that I have endured have been stressful, more hours than I was supposed to be working in a week, and poor management, such as Chick-Fil-La, for me personally. It has always been a necessity to have a job where I feel supported instead of feeling like an overworked employee and that is how Wendy’s treats me as such. It has made me less stressed, more focused on my tasks, and has made me motivated to get up and go to work without any problems. With the proper motivation and a non-stressful environment, it is always more enjoyable to work. 

Working at Wendy’s has also made me more patient and understanding when it comes to certain situations. Even though Wendy’s is less stressful, that does not mean that it does not come with its faults. There are certain things that all fast-food restaurants have in common, which involve the customers’ attitude. For instance, there was a situation that had just happened this week when the customer yelled at my coworker about their order is incorrect. Having the training from my past jobs, I have gained the patience and will- power to try to overlook the yelling from the customers and see where they’re coming from. 

When first arriving at this establishment, I was a bit nervous about how this job was going to affect me, whether it be negative or positive, but I was willing to take that next step and take a leap of faith. It was indeed an experience that will forever be engraved in my head for sure. With my previous work experience with cashiers and customer service, they started me immediately at the window, which was surprising but was very much comfortable. I felt right at home, which is the exact environment people need to work under. Not stress, pressure, or demand. If you want work to be done perfectly, then a welcoming environment is what an employee shall receive. 

Still, there will always be challenges that will be right around the corner that will try to knock you off your feet to throw you off your game, but it is always wise to remember what you were taught and trained to do to contain your composure. Always put the customer first and not yourself because, in the food industry, the customer is always right; but working at Wendy’s is teaching me that every time I clock in. Every time I clock in and clock out, I will always resemble the character traits that I have inherited from the food industry. Wherever I may go, wherever I may work, I will always show people the same amount of respect. For this, I will always give thanks to my mentors, manager, and co-workers for showing me the proper way to handle situations, people, and problems.