What are they failing to teach us?

Mia Mercado, Staff Writer

Here is a regular empty high school hallway

What more could California’s Board of Education do to improve a student’s future life for young adulthood? There could be many improvements to any school’s curriculum, and teaching students valuable lessons is a start. In numerous districts, they are offered great opportunities to succeed and advance to college. I don’t understand why we aren’t given the same opportunities to learn how to fend for ourselves when we need to learn how to cook or maybe how to learn to vote. 

Schools in today’s decade want the best for their students. Why not start by teaching them how to do their taxes or how to deal with their finances? But instead, many schools either don’t have or got rid of those classes like home economics or financial planning. The problem is that many schools don’t have the funding and the resources to support their students. So many schools struggle to get funding to support their school, and their students suffer as a result.

As teenagers go into adulthood, learning important information that will help them later in life, but our schools aren’t even teaching it. We need to be taught how to be independent once we become young adults. Colleges could have the opportunity to teach their freshmen students to fulfill an easier life and decide not to.

Parent Perspective

From a parent’s perspective, almost all wished they would have had more help on how to live in the real world. Then it leads to a hope that their children get more education in that field than they did throughout their education. With some mixed words from parents, one quoted, “School should revise their curriculum to assist students on real-life challenges and less on education that students will never use coming out of school.”

Being taught how to provide and succeed in the real world is one of life’s scariest and most important sources of information to know in life. Parents know how life works and just want their children to do great and not fail in the real world. A parent stated, “Financial responsibilities are something no matter what field you go into applies to all.” 

Student Perspective

After interviewing a few freshmen and getting all their responses, they were all similar in their responses. Many wanted to be taught more life skills plus addition to education skills. Freshmen stated, “It would be more beneficial to learn stuff we could use in our everyday lives on top of what we are learning.” We should be teaching more life-beneficial education since so many people in our generation are agreeing. Another fellow freshman quoted, “It could be more beneficial to have more experience in our everyday lives on top of what we are learning at school.”

A sophomore stated, “I think teaching basic life skills in high school will help us prepare for life in the real world when we are not in a school environment anymore.”

Skills that should be taught in high school

  • Money Management
  • Time Management
  • Household and Automotive Skills
  • Social and Emotional Skills
  • etc.