Stop Worrying About Your School Clothes


Jaelynn Tagle, Staff Writer

Have you ever been late to school and stressed in the morning about what to wear? An easy and effective solution that should be established in more schools across the United States is schools establishing school uniforms. Having uniforms would benefit the school as it is more commonly associated with high-class private schools that show their sense of unity and organization. American schools stopped the idea of school uniforms around the 70s and 80s to allow students to express themselves giving them more freedom in what they wear.

Here are some ways having school uniforms would be beneficial and why they should be established in more schools:


 Unity and Less Bullying

Studies have shown that school uniforms have reduced the amount of bullying and created a sense of community and culture. Since students would wear the same thing, peer pressure would be eliminated. Students wouldn’t feel the need to change their outfits or get picked on and keep up with trends, especially in school. No students would feel the need to pick on their peers’ outfits and make students feel like they are part of something and get to be involved in their school.

Saving Money

Having a uniform would benefit parents because they don’t have to spend as much on outside clothes and wear the same outfit every day. In an article by Long Beach School District, Parents have reported that three uniforms cost about the same as one pair of good-quality jeans. At this school district, they have many sponsors such as Operation School Bell, the philanthropy of RickRackers, an auxiliary of the Assistance League of Long Beach, and many others that are willing to help donate to help pay for the cost of school uniforms. Local organizations have provided more than $160,000 for less fortunate families that struggle to pay for their student’s clothes. After students graduate, they can include the option of donating their uniform to the students that come after them and save money by preventing any purchase beforehand.

Proper coverage for every weather

Having the proper clothing throughout the year based on the seasons can ensure students’ safety during extreme temperatures. Proper coverage can also reduce distraction and help students focus on their work better.

Avoid any other dress code enforcement

Having a school uniform eliminates having a dress code and administrators have to make sure students follow it. Having an established system, staff at the school can quickly identify students that are enrolled in the school and avoid any threats from entering the campus. It helps the team keep track of what comes in and out of the school to ensure the safety of their students.

Altogether, having school uniforms also benefits students in the real world because it gives them a sense of responsibility for maintaining their outfits. Coordinating outfits help students establish a sense of discipline that helps them act more behaved more often. It also teaches them to dress appropriately for every situation they encounter in life.