Mission Viejo Investigation


Alina Duran, Staff Writer

On Monday morning February 13, investigations began in the early morning as a woman was found dead in her home in Mission Viejo. According to reports from the Orange County Sherriff’s department, shortly after 10 a.m., deputies, as well as the coroner in the area, were sent to the residents’ home as someone in the nearby area had called in for an unresponsive woman. Once the deputies who were on duty and the Fire Department paramedics arrived at her home in the 27000 block of Capricho, it was said they tried CPR on the woman in an attempt to revive her, but after minutes of remaining unresponsive, she was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to the deputies, many of the rooms in the home were being rented to other individuals, and the house “is in a state of disarray”. It is said by officials that no one has been taken into custody there is no solid evidence yet but investigators are questioning several other residents who live nearby. The woman’s identity has yet to be released from the press but according to KCAL News, the woman was reported to be in her mid-40s. Until the evidence shows otherwise, local authorities are treating this investigation as if it is a homicide, but considering this case a “death investigation” due to lack of evidence and they are not planning on ruling anything out just yet.

It is still too soon to tell the exact cause of what happened to the woman but the main clue they have now is there was “no obvious sign of death”. Upon first entering the scene, it was noticed by many that there was little to no sign of defense wounds. However, the Diener, who will be in charge of determining the cause of death will be able to cross out any other factors. Later that afternoon, the crime lab arrived on the scene and took the woman’s deceased body to the morgue where they are currently working to find the exact cause of death.

There will be more reports as hours pass, however, as of right now the main point of action for authorities is to take into consideration to begin interviewing the tenants who were renting out rooms in the home. The coroner’s official report is still pending to determine the official cause of her death. Hours after the event, when KCAL News released its share of information, Mike Rogers, the assignment editor announced there was a photographer at the scene in front of the residence for more updates to come.

Many police officers remained in the surrounding area for a number of hours after the event to collect as much information to report to other news sites and to inform the family of the events that took place Monday morning. As time continues, more evidence is being collected, and the family will be able to gain some insight and closure. In the meantime, individuals can only hope for the best to make out of this situation.