How Influential Can A Song or Artist Leave On Their Audience?

Imari McGhee, News Editor Beyonce’ have won the Grammy? In my opinion, I do not support Beyonce or the message that she is releasing for the world to hear. When speaking about role models and positive mentors to this generation and the next, she is not what I would call a positive leader.

In the 2023 Grammy Awards, Beyonce won 4 awards and lost the album of the year award. Beyonce is a type of artist that promotes drinking, smoking, and having sexual encounters before marriage. She is not the type of artist that promotes God(Jesus Christ) in a positive way, nor promotes education and appropriate work ethics. I am extremely appalled by the way that this generation is producing music. From degrading women to promoting gun violence to having sexual encounters, and beating women and men, it is a constant cycle of what is yet to come for this world.

It is bad enough that there are world wars and people dying left and right, but what there is not enough of is uplifting each other in these dark times. We have yet to see or listen to music that will encourage this young generation to become great. It seems that all that we can count on when it comes to music is inappropriate body motion, nakedness on music videos and or stages, gun violence, rape, and many more ungodly things that I, as a child of Jesus Christ do not stand for.

Whatever happened to the old R&B soul, the classic gospel music, the old rap that actually had an impactful purpose to society? Music is supposed to be an outlet of expression that tells a story. A story that takes you alongside their struggles, overcoming their struggles/weaknesses, and explaining to the listeners that there is always a way out. Beyonce’s music is not the epiphany of such an honor. After watching multiple videos and doing my own research, it has come to the surface that her music is a spiritual entrapment that is not here to encourage young women or men but is in fact promoting sinful desires and actions that are not glorifying the Kingdom of God(Jesus Christ). Hebrews 2:12 reads, “He says, “I will declare your name to my brothers and sisters; in the assembly, I will sing your praises”. God gives us gifs to glorify him and his creation, not to promote sin and lustful desires and we have lost sight of that. Everyone is just used to the social norm and not standing up for what is right and it needs to be stopped.

Why do you think so many people are dying from gunshot wounds, people getting sexually assaulted, people dying from overdoses, car crashes, and suicide? What we put into our ears and lives is how our actions will be reflected in this world; in most cases, not in a good way. It is important to be here for one another, especially through music to help each other get through life and spiritual struggles. Beyonce Knowles is not a role model that this generation and the upcoming generation need to live a positive and respectable life that will be pleasing to God and ourselves. What do you think?