Prom 2023 – Big Hit with Santiago Students


Ezra Vega, Staff Writer

Santiago High School’s 2023 prom was held at the luxurious Wallis Annenberg in Los Angeles, and it was a night to remember for all the students who attended. The event was planned by a committee of dedicated students who worked tirelessly to ensure that every detail of the night was perfect. Our ASB did an excellent job, and the prom was a huge success.

The popular Los Angeles event location, The Wallis Annenberg, is well known for hosting high-profile gatherings. This lovely place offers a chic atmosphere that is perfect for proms. The venue was decorated with beautiful flowers, shining lights, and a magnificent water fountain that sat in the center, creating the mood for an unforgettable experience.

The school personnel and chaperones attending the event welcomed the students as they arrived and escorted them into the main hall, where the evening’s activities were to take place. The hall was decked out with a wide dance floor, a DJ stage, and lots of seating spots for students to relax and interact. The DJ seemed to have the students on their feet all night long by
playing a mix of current hits and classic prom music.

One of the night’s highlights was the 360° video booth that was set up outside of the hall. The booth – hard to explain – but was a hit with the students. The videos were sent to the student’s devices on the spot, and then students would be able to post their cool shots to their social media pages.

Example of the 360 booths.

The food at the prom was less than exceptional this year, however, with a wide range of desserts to choose from, students got full of cookies! At last year’s prom, located in Anaheim, students were able to enjoy their favorites from In-N-Out, but in comparison to this year’s prom, the location was a lot nicer, and I would assume the planning came down to putting the budget towards a nicer venue.

Throughout the night, the committee also planned a variety of activities to keep the students interested. There were multiple photo ops, a poker table, and more than 10,000 square feet of space to explore around the building.

The highlight of the night was the crowning of the prom King and Queen. The students had been voting for weeks to choose their favorite candidates, and the winners were announced at the end of the night – Julius Jackson (12) & Emily Montague (12)! Congrats to both of them! The prom King and Queen were both thrilled to win, and they danced together on the dance floor as the other students cheered them on.

Overall, Santiago High School’s 2023 prom was a huge success. The planning committee did an excellent job of organizing the event, and the students had an unforgettable night. The Wallis Annenberg was the perfect venue for the prom, and the decorations and activities made the night even more special. The DJ kept the students entertained throughout the night, and the desserts did hit the spot! It was a night that the students will remember for years to come, and it was a fitting end to our seniors’ high school journey.