Shark Attack

Heidy Sanchez, Staff Writer

Heidy (9) is new to the city of Corona is hoping to make friends.  She is also trying to find something she really enjoys and hopefully make a future out of it.  So far Heidy has learned that she really enjoys drawing. Heidy really does not like it when you tell her what to do.  She is also a slow worker and procrastinates often.  She doesn’t like talking to new people.  Although Heidy does not like talking she will always find a way to let out what she feels by writing or drawing. She often enjoys the company of people she already knows.  When she grows older she would like to travel and see the beauty of the world she lives in.

Heidy at the moment doesn't know what she wants as a career in but definitely does not want to stay put.  She wants to travel.  She and her family have always lived in California and love it but Heidy wonders what about the other 49 states?  Every single one is different and worth visiting.  Her goal is that by the beginning of her junior year she has to know what she truly enjoys and make living out of it.

As Heidy said she would like to see the world. She would love to give people a view from her eyes.  Right now she really enjoys art but there are different ways how to capture a beautiful moment like being a photographer, artist, and more.  Her goal in life is to make people realize how beautiful their world is and that they have pride in that.


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April 16, 2021
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Heidy Sanchez