Katelyn Meza
Katelyn Meza (12) is an admirable person contributing towards athletics, specifically track and cross-country, to which she has participated for high school all four years as well as three years in club running. People are able to trust, depend, and rely on her when in need of someone to empathize and reflect their struggles with.

When she isn't juggling both school and practices within her hectic routine, Katelyn relieves her stress by being surrounded by her friends and her pets (two dogs and a cat), as well as cherishing her favorite movie, Napoleon Dynamite. "Give me some of your tots!" (Napoleon Dynamite 2004)

Although she feels anxious towards school, she believes that being in both language arts as well as journalism will greatly contribute towards her dream of becoming a successful screenwriter.

Katelyn Meza, News Editor

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Katelyn Meza