Back to School?

Join us in a conversation between two Santiago students about going back to school!

Student A: Thank you for joining me today.  I’m really excited to chat about the pressing topic of going back to school at Santiago High School.

Student B: No problem.  This is actually something that I feel very strongly about.  We have GOT to get back to school.  I miss my friends, I miss seeing my teachers and I need to get out of my house.

Student A: Isn’t going back to school quite dangerous with the amount of Covid-19 cases that could arise?

Student B: Yes it could be dangerous, but Riverside County has remained in the red tier for another week, so legally we can return to school. Since it’s legal, wouldn’t that mean it’s safe enough to return?

Student A: Although it is legal, that does not mean it is the best option for our school district. We still have rising Covid-19 cases that will continue to spread in the case of in-person school.

Student B: I have two younger siblings and it is very hard for my parents and I to get them working on all their assignments since we spend so much time caught up in our own work. Having students back in the classroom would be a great thing for families like mine.

Student A: That is a fair point; however, wouldn’t it be better for younger kids like your siblings to stay virtual? Especially since their immune systems aren’t fully developed, which could make it easier for them to contract the virus.

Student B: Many public places such as gyms, restaurants, and movie theatres have been open for a while now, and my family has been able to stay safe by wearing our masks and staying six feet apart. Why would school be any different?

Student A: Schools are a lot larger than other public places. Most teens want to see their friends again, I understand, but think about how many students hang out with their friends in public places without proper safety? There is no reason to say that schools will not be the same.

Student B: I know the district plans to split up students into four cohorts to ensure that there will not be too many students in the classroom at a time. We are only going to be back on campus one day per week anyway, so is the risk of catching the virus really that big?

Student A: There is still a chance that our desks and work areas may not be cleaned up to standards. We will never know for certain how clean our school really is because we will not be there. We also have to consider the issue of hygiene within students. They may not feel the necessity to properly protect themselves from germs.

Student B: You have made some valid points, but I still want to go back to school because I despise online learning. I think this school year will surely be interesting, and I’m curious to see how the district decides to execute our return to school. It was nice having this conversation with you!

Student A: Thank you for your time. I am excited to see how this school year plays out!