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Rebekah Flores

Rebekah Flores, Publicist

Rebekah Flores (12) is a current senior at Santiago High School whose focus is often on writing, participating in the school’s band, and her newfound enjoyment of computer science. This is her second year of being part of the school’s paper and she is continuing to work on her skills as a writer to prepare herself for a career in the writing industry.

Rebekah’s interest in writing was formed around middle school when a friend of hers introduced her to the wonders of creative writing. Soon after that, she decided to try it for herself and realized that it was something she really enjoyed.  Since middle school, after being introduced to the world of creative writing, she knew that at some point in her life, she wanted to be a writer. Since then, she has been learning through experience with the help of some stories written by others.

When she isn’t busy with schoolwork, band, or reading different types of stories in the world of fiction, she can be found hanging out with friends and family and writing short stories whenever she can. In the future, she hopes to become a novelist and share her stories with the world, giving people a temporary escape from life just as past authors and novelists had done for her with their books.

You can reach her at [email protected]

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November 4, 2020
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Rebekah Flores