Early NFL Postseason prediction


Diego Tolossa, Staff Writer

With the NFL season at its halfway mark here are my predictions for the postseason.

I see the Miami Dolphins winning the AFC east conference over the Buffalo bills. Miami went 9-8 last year finishing 3rd in the AFC east conference with a record of 3-7 at midseason. Now halfway through the season, they are in first in their conference with a record of 7-3.  In the AFC north the Baltimore Ravens are going to win their conference beating the Cincinnati Bengals. The Raven’s record is 6-3 and is first in their conference. Their record last year was 8-9 and at mid-season, they were 7-3 and finished last in their conference. In the AFC south, I think the Tennessee Titans are going to win the division beating out the Indianapolis Colts. The Titan’s record last year was 13-5 winning their division. Their current record is 5-3 and the last, year was 6-2. In the AFC west, the Kansas city chiefs are going to win their division against the LA Chargers. The chief’s record is 6-2 at midseason and their record last year was 4-4. The chiefs ended last season at 13-5. The Chargers are going to make a run in the second half and make the chiefs work for their division title. In the AFC wild-card the Bills, Jets, Bengals, and Ravens are going to fight it out to see who moves on. 

https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/08/sport/nfl-glossary-terms-spt-intl/index.htmlIn the NFC North, the Minnesota Vikings are going to win their division beating out the Green bay packers. Minnesota’s record is 8-1 and last year they were 4-5. This is their best record since the 2009 season where they went 7-1. In the NFC East, the Philadelphia Eagles are going to win the division instead of the Dalles Cowboys. The Eagle’s record is 8-1 which has improved from last year’s record of 3-6. In the NFC South, the Tampa bay buccaneers are going to win their conference beating out the Atlanta Falcons. Now the Bucs’ record isn’t so promising at 5-5 but the Falcons are 4-6 with a 2-game losing streak. The Bucs’ record from last year was 7-2 and are hoping to win more games. In the NFC west, the San Francisco 49ers are going to win their conference beating out the Seatle seahawks. The 49ers are in second place right now and have a record of 5-4.  Last year at their midpoint they were 4-5. It’s going to be close to see who wins the Westen conference title. In the NFC wild card the Dallas cowboys, Greenbay Packers, Atlanta Falcons, and the Seatle seahawks are going to battle it out to see who still lives.https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2017/2/5/14515842/vince-lombardi-trophy-nfl-championship-super-bowl