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Ramadan Through a Teen’s Eyes


Ramadan is a sacred month for Muslims. It is the month of recharging one’s faith in god and cleansing one’s mind, body, and soul. It is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar Muslims cherish fondly. It is a time of peace, prosperity, and serenity for Muslims.  It is a month for Muslims to cleanse their mind, body, and souls. To get together, enjoy each other’s company, and feel the burden the less fortunate have to carry to better their sympathy and increase their gratitude. As it is a very special month in Muslims’ lives, everyone sees and comprehends it differently. This article will take you through the thoughts and feelings of students at Santiago in Ramadan. 


What is Ramadan to you?


“To me, it is a one-month period that cleanses the body spiritually and mentally.” Inaaya (9).

“Ramadan, for me is the month full of opportunities to get closer to god, and you get double the rewards just by doing your normal religious actions.” Mariam.

“It’s to remind us to be grateful for everything and that you should start praying more and get closer to Allah (God)”  Shayaan (9).

“Ramadan, to me is a month for self-reflection and self-improvement. This month is filled with good deeds, late hangouts with friends, and more family time. I think this month also has its way of bringing everyone together.” Fadiya (11).

“Ramadan is a break from this dunya to get closer with your deen.” Ishaal (9).

“Ramadan for me is practicing self-control and letting go of any bad habits I might have developed, also getting closer to my deen and learning not to get attached to this life.” Zainab.

“Ramadan to me is allowing myself to reconnect with my lord and is a month of peace,” Heba (9).

“Ramadan is a time to be with others who share similar beliefs as you.” (Anonymous). 

“Ramadan is a month of blessings and good deeds where one reflects on their actions and themselves.” Roha (9).

What is your favorite part of Ramadan?


“My favorite part of Ramadan is connecting with my fellow Muslims and being able to share this blessed time with them.” Inaaya (9).

“My favorite part of Ramadan is going to taraweeh, being able to read the Quran more, praying more prayers, getting together with your family for iftar, getting up for suhoor, reading Quran, and fasting.. sometimes.” Mariam (9).

“Food.” Shayaan (9).

“My favorite part about this holy month is since it’s too tiring to hang out during the day, my parents give me the advantage of staying out late with friends for iftar and going to the masjid for Taraweeh.” Fadiya (11).

“My fav part is going to the masjid and praying with all my friends and what not.” Ishaal (9).

“My favorite part of Ramadan is praying the voluntary prayers like Tahajud and Taraweeh since it bring me more closer to Allah and also opening fast with family and friends.” Zainab.

“My favorite part of Ramadan is being able to surround myself with the Muslim community every night at the masjid.” Heba (9).

“My favorite part of Ramadan is my closeness to God during this month. I find my prayers are accepted, and things that I found hard to pray for and which would have required more time to devote are more easily attained in this month” (Anonymous).

“My favorite part of Ramadan is meeting my friends & family for iftar and staying up to go out for Sehri.” Roha (9).

What are your favorite Suhoor/Iftar foods?

“My favorite sehri food is I have four waffles and I put peanut butter and Nutella on them making two sandwiches and I eat them with a glass of milk.” Inaaya (9).

“I like Iftar because thats when all the family gathers and all the good food comes out.” Mariam.

“For Iftar I like amosa’s and mango lassi and then for suhoor I like cereal.” Shayaan (9).

“For sehri my go-to meal is fruit, a bagel with cream cheese, and some tea. I also chug like five bottles of water. As for iftar, lentil soup is a must for breaking your fast but my favorite overall dish is dolma (stuffed grape leaves).” Fadiya (11).


“My favorite iftar food gotta be samosas.” Zainab.

“My favorite Iftar foods are egg rolls and fruit salad.” Heba (9).

“Samosa carries everything, dates and roasted almonds.” (Anonymous).

“My favorite things to eat in iftaar are samosas and chaat.” Roha (9).

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Rabia Siddiqui (9) is a current Freshman at Santiago High School, where her favorite subjects are lang arts, French, and journalism. She has always had a passion for writing, and as a Gilmore Girls fanatic, unquestionably, desired to join Journalism. Reading has forever been something she adores as it allows her to listen to people voice their opinions and tell stories. Reading news she finds interesting piqued her interest in topics she wouldn’t normally consider worthwhile, which inspired her to do the same. Rabia enjoys listening to music, baking, and playing basketball. She also enjoys art, as it is passed down to her by her mom. She aspires to attend Yale, NYU, or UCLA. She wants to be a doctor and minor in Journalism, as she has always had a passion for assisting those in need, speaking up for herself, and for those unable to speak up for themselves.
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