ASMR – What is it?

ASMR - What is it?

Jocelynn Veliz, Staff Writer

ASMR is a type of entertainment that brings relaxation to its viewers and its scientific definition is autonomous sensory meridian response . ASMR has always been around the internet, but was brought into the limelight just recently. Viewers describe ASMR as a way to relax or some just say that it is a way to let out a good laugh.

ASMR is popular across the platform of Youtube. There are more than 100 ASMR Youtube channels. But. only a certain amount get attention from viewers. The top 5 ASMR channels as of now are SAS-ASMR, Life With Mak, Gibi ASMR, ASMR Darling, and Gentle Whispering ASMR. As of right now, these video creators have the most views, likes, and subscribers in the ASMR community. Most accounts are posting at least two videos a week. I’d say that the most well-known creator is Life With Mak. To me, she is also probably the most entertaining. Her videos can help me relax and make me laugh until there are tears in my eyes.

There are many types of ASMR videos in the Youtube world. In the ASMR community, they are not knows as “types”, they are referred to as “triggers.” The most common types of ASMR triggers are whispering, soft talking/soft voice, scratching and tapping, physical touch, personal attention, ear brushing, hair play, visual ASMR, pages turning, eating, mouth sounds, ambient sounds, and trigger words.

When ASMR first came to my attention, I did not really get the point of it because I always did not understand how people found it relaxing. The whole topic confused me until I sat down and actually took time to and watch different videos on different triggers. Most ASMR videos I watch are just for entertainment, not relaxation. Recently, I found the Youtube channel, gracie K, whose ASMR videos are the only ones that actually relax me to a certain point. One of my favorite ASMR triggers of hers are “mouth clicking” sounds and the sound of fingers rubbing against each other.

For some viewers, ASMR is just a form of entertainment, but for others, it is a way to relax. The experience of ASMR relaxation is said to feel like blissful tingling throughout your whole body. For others, it can trigger relaxation before bed, and because of this, people with insomnia can also benefit from ASMR. When I feel stressed, I like to watch the simple ones like soap cutting. There are certain ones that help me when stressed and other triggers that help me when tired!

Now, ASMR is not just for relaxation! I love to bake, cook, and just make things I see on the internet. As I was roaming around the internet, I discovered a Korean ASMR channel that goes by the name, HANSE. The channel has many recipes to make drinks like fresh peach milk,  fresh watermelon milk, and a real melon milk recipe. The channel also involves recipes for cookies and cake! If you watch the videos, all of it is in the ASMR category. There is tapping on glass, gently placing objects on tables enough to make a soft tap sound, and many more triggers.

Another channel that I have found to be one of my favorites is COOKING TREE. In contrast to HANSE, this channel focuses more on ASMR triggers and cake recipes. Throughout their videos, you can tell how the creator thought of how each object they use can be used as an ASMR trigger. Some of my favorite ASMR triggers from COOKING TREE include the sound of pouring milk, water, or any other ingredient into a glass or a container.

My overall opinion on ASMR? I understand how it can help to relax and sleep, but I do not understand how people watch it on a day to day basis. As of what I know, the only triggers that are focused on are the triggers I listed. How can one find watching the same, say maybe 3 triggers everyday, relaxing? I also don’t understand how some creators get really famous of off ASMR. A question I have is – how hard is it hard to get known off of pure ASMR videos?