Russian 2018 Vostok War Games

Mano Qasqas, Staff Writer

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Russia held extensive war games with the Chinese and a small force of Mongolians this September. These war games increased the tensions between the U.S. and Russia. They consisted of 300,000 infantry troopers, 80 naval ships, 1000 different types of aircraft, and 36,000 armored and mechanized vehicles – not counting the Chinese and Mongolian troops.

The war games started on September 11 and lasted until September 17 in Far East Russia. The main purpose of the large-scale war games, according to the Russian Defense Minister, is to ensure that Russia’s preparedness of troops and overall military security is secure and ready. The war games were directed at the United States as a warning to not go near the Eastern Asia region. When the war games reached the west, many thought that the two huge nations might sign a military alliance.

The only problem is Russia’s troops, according to what some military experts say. One stated how the amount of ground troops, 280,000,  is impractical due to the fact that the amount of armored and mechanized vehicles needed to support those troops does not exist in such high numbers in the Far Eastern part of Russia. Trying to transport such vehicles would only create further problems. Even with the Chinese and Mongolian troops, it would still not add up because they support the war games with 3,200 infantry troops. Some Western officials said that they might be fabricating the truth about their military might for political gains. Additionally, China and Russia refused to start a military alliance and have stated that it is their desire to maintain the same relationship that they have at this moment – a strategic partnership.

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