The Aftermath of Hurricane Michael


Robbie Loya, Staff Writer

On the Gulf coast of Florida, the category four hurricane, named Michael, affected the lives of many – for the worst. Hurricane Michael is responsible for 33 deaths and counting. Many cities in Georgia, Florida, and Mexico Beach were torn into bits and pieces, all left covered in nothing but debris. Homes and schools were lost, thousands of people were left without anywhere to go, many kids were left without schools to attend, and Florida has fallen into complete disrepair after the disaster. Dozens of people are still missing and thousands are without power as Florida remains in total shock.

According to CNN, Michael is the strongest hurricane to hit the continent of the United States since Hurricane Andrew back in 1992. Hurricane Michael had up to 6 inches of rain and wind speeds up to 150 mph, which unfortunately killed an eleven-year-old girl inside of her house. Due to the highly powerful winds, everything that was in Hurricane Michael’s way was completely torn into shreds, leaving buildings obliterated. Wayne and Sharon Granade told ABC News that “it comes through like the worst sound you’ve ever heard in your life”.  With all of the damage, Hurricane Michael has caused, the wreckage is already worth 8.1 billion dollars. Due to the devastation across Florida, most families have decided to move on by leaving the area, trying to forget this tragic event.

Families are struggling to survive with little food to eat, and with the power still being down, people are in tears, trying everything that they can to find their missing loved ones. In the wake of this tragedy, the only thing that the people can do is hope and pray for the best. They do not know what the future holds for them.