Should Teachers Get Paid More?


Jocelynn Veliz, Staff Writer

Teachers give the youth of today and future of tomorrow the modern knowledge that must be learned to further society and potentially change the world. Starting from preschool and kindergarten and going all the way to the end of high school, teachers are the ones who teach you how to count to 10, how to sing the ABC’s, how to write an essay, and how the brain works. Not only do they give you basic knowledge, but some teachers can also reach a student’s heart and change their life forever. Teachers can be an outlet for some students or even be a parental figure in a student’s life. Teachers are simply some of the most important people in our society.

How much do these important figures earn? The average amount that teachers get paid each year is $55,000. At least half of the number of teachers in the country earn more than this while the other half makes less. Is this really enough for teachers?

The school district, depending on the area, gives teachers some supplies and money to buy the extra necessary school supplies. However, the amount is decreasing year by year. It is rarely enough to cover the costs of needed classroom supplies. Most of the time, teachers spend about $1,000 of their own money for other supplies for students.

For what teachers do and what they sacrifice, I believe that teachers should get paid more. Not only because they are the ones that give the world’s future their knowledge, but because of what they do for students on a daily basis. From experience, teachers truly do care for their students, just like they would for their own biological kids. They are like parental figures to each of their classes. They help their students improve their knowledge and themselves as individuals. When solving conflicts or simple common sense problems, most children go to their teachers. Students are with their teacher for at least 6 hours every day – sometimes more. Teachers often spend more time with children than their parents even do.

Although many others agree, there are others that have a different view on this. Some think that teachers with the highest test scores or the most parent satisfaction should be paid more than others, while the remainder would receive the regular salary.

I myself asked a teacher the question, “should teachers get paid more?” He responded, “I do. Teachers are certainly professionals and I think as a society we recognize the value of high-quality teachers. In some countries outside of the United States, of course, the pay is higher and the status of teachers is higher and in those countries, the quality of education that’s delivered tends to be a commentary with that pay and it is almost a no. As well, myself having been a teacher for a long time, I am very familiar with all the demands made on teachers. I have worked with good administrators, but those demands can be boarding and unreasonable. When you really consider the time you put in if you are a dedicated, committed teacher. So if you take all that together and then compare to the private sector there is no doubt it, that teachers should get paid more.”

The teachers who have been dedicated to their job for several years truly deserve to be paid more, as well as the ones who are just starting off their teaching career. If the pay for teachers continues to be as low as it is, there soon will be a smaller amount of people interesting in entering the education field. From what I have seen, many students have crossed out the option of a teaching career because of the low pay. Many students do not want to work a career that underpays and undervalues them. Teachers also spend a lot of their time making the best world they can for their students. During school breaks, most teachers are consumed with making plans for when school resumes and some are even working part-time jobs to keep up the money flow while school it out. This money does not just go to the teacher, it also goes towards their classroom and supplies. Many teachers that teach electives often have to fund-raise in order to have enough money to run their class successfully.

For all they do, teachers deserve a pay that is equal to their work, time, and effort.