Top 5 Christmas Songs


Jocelynn Veliz, Staff Writer

Christmas is finally in full swing! Although people began to feel the Christmas spirit as early as November, December is the time to truly enjoy and reminisce on the top 5 Christmas songs, at least in my book.

  1. “Last Christmas” (Wham!, 1984). This classic song about a heartbreak during the Christmas season always seems to make its way into people’s homes during Christmastime. Although there are many other versions of the song, the original has a special place in everyone’s hearts. Although many may be in love during the holidays, this song is for those experiencing heartbreak and can be refreshing in comparison to all the gushy love songs.
  2. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” ( Mariah Carey, 1994). How can this song not be on this – or anybody’s – list? This classic piece is about not caring about what Christmas is all about and wanting to be with a lover during the snowy season. This is a song that everyone can sing along to, even if you can’t really hit the high notes. This song is simply wonderful for getting everybody in the Christmas spirit.
  3. “Jingle Bells” (James Lord Pierpont, 1822-1893)The song that somehow puts everyone in the Christmas spirit no matter the time of year has naturally made its way onto this list! Christmas is not truly Christmas without this song on repeat. This is the absolute perfect song to play when sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate.
  4. “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” (Brenda Lee, 1958). This song is a great choice to play while decorating the Christmas tree with family, and while opening gifts on Christmas day. This is one of the many holiday songs that is enjoyed by those who are not in a relationship and those who are because it is totally platonic!
  5. “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” (Gene Autry). This is a tune that kids and adults alike enjoy. This is a catchy song to sing along with and dance to in the car during the Christmas season. This is a true classic that everyone seems to remember when it starts to play.

These 5 songs are just a few of the ones that are just perfect for getting into the holiday spirit. Make sure to add your favorites to a playlist and enjoy. Merry Christmas!