Marc-Andre Fleury’s Amazing Season


Regan Brown, Sports Editor

This summer, just ahead of the 2018-2019 season, Vegas Golden Knights star goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury was given a contract extension and a well deserved one at that. Coming off of an electric inaugural season with the Knights and leading them into the Stanley Cup Final, re-signing Fleury seemed like a no-brainer to everyone. Twenty-one million dollars later, the¬†Knights have secured their exalted man through the 2021 season. Four more years of Fleury sounds like a vow that any Knights fan will accept in open arms, especially considering the way he’s been performing this season.

Fleury, who entered his fifteenth season in the NHL this year, has been excellent from the start. From his debut, Fluery has been a force to be reckoned with and has only gotten better since his 2003 rookie season. Boasting a career .913 save percentage and 421 wins, it’s a wonder how anyone could remain that strong and consistent throughout a lengthy career, having his fifteenth season start being one of his best season starts since the start.

For most 34-year-olds in the NHL, as well as most other sports, reaching your mid-thirties carries the negative connotations of an inevitable decline, yet Fluery is showing no signs of dwindling potential. Racking up victory after victory these past few months, much of the Knight’s success can be attributed to Marc-Andre Fleury, who for the most part has been a brick wall in the net – there’s just no getting past him.

With the 32 games the Knights have played this season, Fleury has played 28 of them and in those 28, he has amassed 17 wins – the total number of wins the club has this season. His save percentage thus far is .908 which is still impressive and right on par for this accomplished goaltender. As if all of this wasn’t astounding enough, Fleury has already racked up 5 shutouts this season – more than he got in all of last season combined. This amazing feat has not only given Fleury the current title of league leader in wins but has brought the Knights into a solid position as the season progresses.

There is no question about it. Re-signing Marc-Andre Fleury for another 4 seasons was an excellent move on their behalf. It’s apparent that his experience is working in his favor, not as a detriment to his success this season. It is apparent that with the aid of Fleury as the backbone of the Knight’s defense that playoff contention is definitely in the cards for the Knights once again this season.