Divine – Restaurant Review


Thomas Cass, Treasurer

Divine is a modern take on everyone’s favorite type of food, Mediterranean. It serves as a good break from the same-old fast food burgers and sodas and instead brings in a simpler type of comfort food.

When I first went there, I was pleasantly surprised at how clean the tables and floor were once I sat down to eat; even though it had been open for a couple of months already, it was so clean you could eat off of the table if you wanted, although I really would not suggest that anywhere. Their menu is simple yet elegant for a tiny hole-in-the-wall place. I ordered the gyro pita sandwich and my parents ordered an order of falafel. Our food tasted a lot better than it looked upon its arrival to our table. My gyro pita sandwich fell apart and landed all over my plate, but it was still really good. You could taste the gyro meat, and all the fruits piled in the pita bread was like a hideout for food. The falafel was gone before I could get a taste, but my parents said it was pretty good, and I definitely trust and endorse their opinion. Overall, it was an enjoyable Mediterranean lunch and gets a solid 8 out of 10 from me and my parents.

Mediterranean and middle eastern dishes would be something you would never think of eating your entire life, especially not in Corona. However, thanks to Divine’s delicious and fresh food, everyone seems to be interested in enjoying a foreign meal they may not have been open to before.