News Crew Robbed at Gunpoint!/quality/90/?

Lizeth Ramirez, Staff Writer

On Sunday afternoon, a KPIX-News crew was doing an interview for the teachers that were participating in a strike in Oakland, California. Suddenly, the crew found themselves being followed and were forced to hand over their camera per the suspect’s request. As the man had a gun, the news crew obliged, in fear of their lives.

Minutes passed, and the suspect was still tracking the crew. At one point, the perpetrator managed to shoot Matt Meredith in the leg. Meredith, KPIX- TV security and a retired police officer, returned the fire and shot him as well.

A man showed up to the hospital and, soon after claiming to have been shot, was later arrested as a suspect of the robbery. Around 7 pm, another man was involved in a high-speed chase with police officers and was also arrested as a potential suspect.

These two individuals were not the only suspects, as a few others were arrested in connection to the robbery. They were detained in a similar fashion, and have yet to be processed by the law.

Matt Meredith was taken to Highland Hospital and it has been released that he is in stable condition and will be released soon. Despite being shot numerous times in the leg, doctors are confident that he is going to recover fully.

The people that were gathered at the library, as well as the news crew, were interviewed by authorities shortly after the incident. Through their contributions, it was discovered that there were two men in the car who robbed KPIX-News.

The stolen camera, however, can be taxing to find. Such cameras are hard to track down, as they can be easily sold through illegal means. The cameras that news companies use are worth about $50,000 each, which is most likely the reason why the perpetrator decided to target the news crew.

Hopefully, with time, the true thieves will be identified, the camera will be returned, and justice will be sought.