Australian Senator Egged for Anti-Muslim Remarks Retaliates Immaturely

Lizeth Ramirez, Staff Writer

Australian Senator Fraser Anning, while at a news conference, claimed that “Muslims” are usually the ones who do the attacks, yet this time they were the victims. He also made other controversial remarks, one being that Muslims shouldn’t be able to immigrate to New Zealand.

On March 16, the day after the Senator made these statements, a 17-year-old by the name of William Connolly went behind the Senator’s back. While filming on his phone and holding an egg in his other hand, Connolly smashed it on the Senator’s head.

The Senator quickly reacted in shock and punched the 17-year-old in the face angrily, and seconds later, tried to tackle the teen. A group of men then restrained the Senator due to him aggressively trying to attack the teen. The 17-year-old was similarly held back by others, in order to calm down the situation. He was later arrested but did not receive any charges.

Furious onlookers are signing a petition to remove Fraser Anning from Parliament, as a result of the harsh comments he made towards Muslims and how he reacted to the teen’s actions. Many are angry, saying that it was simply an egg and that he shouldn’t have reacted the way he did, given his seniority.

Others in New Zealand, such as doctors and well-renowned individuals, are writing a variety of petitions to get the Senator out. Many are also speaking out in their own way, declaring how disgusted they are by Anning’s words.

The video was posted on social media, and within a few hours, it already had more than 2 million views. Connolly was being called hero by many on all social sites. Those spectating all seemed to arrive at the same conclusion, that William Connolly did the right thing by egging the Senator, due to the harsh remarks towards Muslims he had made.