2019 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade



Madison Castello, Op/Ed Editor

If you asked someone the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Thanksgiving, the most common answer would be the food, which makes sense, as it’s the key aspect to the holiday. The turkey, stuffing, potatoes, apple pie–what’s not to love? Yet for Broadway enthusiasts, this national holiday is the next best thing after the Tony Awards. 

For those who don’t live in New York, or simply can’t afford the expensive theater tickets, Thanksgiving is their one chance to experience beloved actors perform beautiful ballads and intricate dance sequences. While the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is widely known for the ginormous floats, the Broadway theater performances are most certainly another highlight. Playbill.com states that, “November 1, the crew chooses the Broadway shows—considering the biggest shows, the most successful productions, and the most buzzed-about titles.” This 2019 production featured heartfelt performances from Hadestown, Beetlejuice, Ain’t Too Proud–The Life and Time of the Temptations, and Tina–the Tina Turner Musical.

With 16 giant helium balloons, 26 dazzling floats, and a countless array of popular performers, it’s hard to look away from the theater section. It’s important to appreciate this spectacle, as it not only gains publicity but it promotes the nation’s interest in live theater. Nowadays, with effortless access to television shows and movies, the love for theater is dying; most are content with viewing their favorite plays and musicals from the comfort of their own homes. Yet there is something truly magical about seeing a live performance.

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