All About “All American”

All About

Brendan Gargalis, Staff Writer

All American is a series on Netflix. Currently, it has one full season and they are in the process of releasing new episodes for season two.

The show centers around a teenage boy named Spencer James. He goes to school at Crenshaw High and plays on their football team. After accepting Billy Baker’s offer to play for the Beverly High football team, Spencer finds trouble in fitting in at his new school, since he comes from the “hood” in Crenshaw.  Because of the high school recruiting rules, Spencer has to move into Coach Baker’s house so he can play football at Beverly High.

From the first day of practice, the team already doesn’t like Spencer because they think he is “stealing their thunder.” A couple days later, the team’s scrimmage is watched by boosters (college recruiters), who evaluate if anyone is worth an offer.  They come especially for Spencer because the word spreads that he may win the Beverly Eagles the championship this year.  However, Spencer is not aware of any of this; he only expects a regular, easy, Saturday practice.  Knowing this, some of the players on the team try to sabotage Spencer’s chances with the recruiters by intoxicating him at a party the night before the scrimmage.  They succeed and, the next morning, Spencer does not play as well as he usually does. Eventually, Spencer forgives them and they all become friends.

Hopefully this synopsis has piqued your interest and encourages you to watch the outstanding series yourself!