Mental Health During Quarantine


Kira Inman, Staff Writer

2020 is undoubtedly an emotionally and mentally draining year. Due to Covid-19, students cannot get the mental health support that they deserve; however, the Corona-Norco Unified School District has provided several resources for students to receive help during the year. The district works with organizations like Care Solace, which gives schools access to affordable, reliable, and ethical mental care for students and their families, and 211, which provides mental relief as well as aid in other areas such as physical health and shelter. The Corona Norco district also has its own programs to help its students through CNUSD virtual calming rooms and family reports, which allow concerned students to recommend their peers for help.

These resources and many more can be found at Rather than direct counseling, the site also supports programs, like Calm, that promote self-care and character lessons of mindfulness and kindness through meditation. If one’s problem has less to do with their mindset, but instead stress coming from a greater problem in life, Santiago also provides intervention help for runaways, drugs, abuse, and ways to find food and shelter. This includes free lunch opportunities for every student daily at the school.

In these times of self-isolation, people have to deal with political and racial tensions, job loss, a global pandemic, and on top of that having no one to talk to.  In addition to a multitude of other unmentioned problems, months of being left alone often separated from friends and loved ones can take a negative toll on one’s mental state. The resources arranged by the Corona-Norco School District can help deal with these problems and others that may arise.

You don’t need a mental illness in order to seek mental help. If you or a friend are going through a difficult time during quarantine, give yourself a break from the stress, and look to the organizations recommended by the school district or any other sources of help.  If more serious aid is needed, remember that there are always people out there ready to help. Suicide hotlines can be contacted at 951-686-4357 or 1-800-7842433.