Devious Lick- Bathroom Bandits?


Savannah Sannes, Editor in Chief

Devious Licks, a recent TikTok trend, has swept over the internet, but schools aren’t having it.

This craze started when a user named ugg4elias posted a video of a stolen box of facemasks. “A month into school…absolutely devious lick…Should’ve brought a mask from home. Now look at you walkin round campus maskless you dirty dog.”In barely two days, this video received 2.7 million views in only two days views before being pulled off three days later. Students find it amusing, and because the initial video had millions of views, others hope that theirs will as well.

Though it appears to be a trend among teenagers, it is considered a crime, which most do not realize. Students have been warned that they must stop immediately and that if caught, they would be arrested. Drexerss, a user, posted a video of his school announcements, saying “when we do touch you, we will discipline you to the fullest extent and you will be arrested and you will be responsible for any of the monetary damages that has been done.” Parents have also been notified about the trend and have been asked to not allow their kids to bring tools to school.

How does this affect Santiago?

 Not only have students have taken part in this trend at Santiago, but it has also gone to the extremes. Primarily bathroom items have been stolen for example stall doors, toilet paper, soap, and a rumored toilet but also microscopes, fire extinguishers and a bench has as well.

Language arts teacher and baseball coach, Mr.DeTrinidad mentioned that he “thinks that something needs to be done, people forget you’re taking something from someone else and someone is responsible for fixing it.”

Not only have teachers been affected by this trend but students have as well. 

Tessa Mendes (12) explained, “I think it is kind of funny, but I don’t think that it’s right for students to be stealing school property”.

Kay Long (12) expressed that “honestly both of my parents are teachers, I know it is a trend, but they’re still breaking the law, doe sit really make sense? There’s a certain degree of a trend”.

What is the fine line between a funny trend and a major crime and inconvenience?

“It’s funny when you see it on TikTok, but when you go to wash your hands and there is nothing there because they took the whole soap dispenser it is kind of annoying” Junior Lauren Wendt mentioned. Most students have to bring a hand sanitizer or wash their hands somewhere else after using the restroom because of this. 

“When I saw the first video I thought it was funny but never thought it would actually become a trend. Once it started getting popular and started happening all the time at school it got really annoying. You would go use the restroom people have taken the soap dispensers. I think people took it too far and it went on for too long” Kendall Conrad (10).  

Overall, many students and faculty have similar opinions about this trend. What are yours?


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