First Watch Thoughts : Money Heist. (Spoilers).


Jocelynn Veliz, Staff Writer

As someone who finds it difficult to get hooked on shows enough to watch it till the end, it is confidently said that Netflix’s original Money Heist is worth the watch. Also known as, La Casa De Papel, it is a thriller that entails violence and an immense amount of intelligence. Within a show like this, it may be questionable if there could be a connection between the audience and the characters of the show, but with enough depth that show entails, watchers naturally develop their relationship with each character. The complexity of the show can be difficult to get across shortly so here are my thoughts on the show’s characters, love stories, and overall plot. 

Overall Plot ~

In where an intelligent man and his half-brother with their father’s talent in heists, honor their father in robbing the Royal Mint Of Spain and the Bank Of Spain. This begins the start of Money Heist, as they recruit people who have experience in their heists and others talented in other hands-on skills, like digging. They stand in a position against the government, part of which comes from the sadness El Professor carries from the death of his father. The show also speaks volumes of governments’ systems of corruption. In the second season, we see the crew give back to the people who support them and the lower class large amounts of money from the sky (the money was released from blimps). Overall, the show holds a great significance in the society we exist in today and is a show where the viewer can feel passionate about the motive behind the heists.

Love Stories ~

Amongst the chaotic heists, there are still seconds in time for love to bloom within people… Not only do we get a plot twist of El Professor y la investigora falling in love under the night sky and negotiating lives during the day but we get to love and platonic love in between the crew. The love story of Tokyo and Rio brings the complexity of an experienced and an experienced lover. Love is a very important theme in this story as the show starts with Toyo, the narrator, telling the story of the murder of the love of her life. Shot in front of the bank they had just robbed, Tokyo had gone on the run with the guilt of leaving her lover dead on the wet street.

Characters ~ 

Money Heist’s variety of characters plays a very huge part in the attraction of the show. Personally, my favorite characters are El Professor, Nairobi, and Denver. El professor, the puppeteer of it all, offers a range of intelligence, vengeance, and tension as a character.  But with his relationship with who we knew as Raquel, we see a hungry and impulsive lover. Nevertheless, his depth allows him to pull himself to the ground. The show deconstructs possible thoughts of the rest of the crew looking at him as a “God” when we see them often get in conflict due to disagreement with El Professor. Through the seasons of the thriller, viewers have the chance to see the motive of each character and build a connection between them. Along with their backstories, the character development of each main character in the show itself creates a connection with viewers.