Shane Dawson’s Underwhelming Comeback

Shane Dawsons Underwhelming Comeback

Savannah Sannes, Editor in Chief

Previously canceled YouTuber Shane Dawson posts his first YouTube video after 16 months of being silent. Dawson claims that he was “grateful” about the fact that he was canceled when he was sexualizing minors and making severely racist slurs and clips including black face and him saying the N-word. He mentions that “doesn’t care” what people think about him now and “doesn’t care” that people hate him.

Previously, Dawson was titled the “King” of YouTube and was trending every time he posted a video. He collaborated with many people but had a tight friendship with Jeffree Star. Star was a makeup guru and has been in many scandals before.

“I think part of me was upset because I was like, I made so much growth and now I’m being canceled over things from the past… and that’s not me anymore,” he said.

“I don’t want to be looked at as somebody who gave up and left and ran away from the internet because they were afraid of whatever…No, I left because I felt like I should, and I left because I needed time, and I left because I wanted to figure out what the hell I was doing with my life and what I wanted to do, and why I got to a place where I didn’t want to be alive anymore” Dawson explained in his video. Is this some YouTuber apology video or is he being genuine?

The video he posted was titled “The Haunting of Shane Dawson” which took his haters and fans by storm. In the video, he explains what he went through while being canceled and why he moved from California to Colorado while mentioning how it’s haunted. If that’s not one way to resurface back to the internet then I don’t know what is.

After talking about such, Shane Dawson continues his video as nothing happened. It’s the same self-deprecating jokes and attempting to appeal to teens with horrible Tik Tok references. I hate to say it, but the jokes were so bad I was bored the whole time watching the video. Though he shouldn’t have resurfaced, his sad attempt of doing so shows that he didn’t grow and learn. Shane did leave the face of the earth because the jokes and editing style are severely outdated and aren’t appealing.

Oddly, the video received 181,000 likes to 17,000 dislikes in about 12 hours and about 1.7 million views. I am not surprised about the number of views it got because I’m guessing that many were curious (including me) about what Shane has to say, but the number of likes it has me genuinely flabbergasted. There is a lot of love in the comments as well, people do forgive which is common with YouTuber apologies, but the content is severely outdated and lacks humor. To be completely honest I fell asleep while watching the video and I don’t plan on watching the rest and the other two parts.

Overall, Shane Dawson’s comeback wasn’t surprising and isn’t intriguing. What is your opinion?