What Best Selling Video Games Deserve Their Success? (And which don’t)



Christopher Oliver, Staff Writer

People love to be entertained. Whether it’s after they’ve finished work or school, we usually sit down and find something to amuse ourselves with. More than ever, people are starting to play video games as their entertainment source. Video Games have now grown to be the most popular form of entertainment that people use. There is so much diversity in making a video game and you can design something for everyone. There are also games that have been so successful that they have changed the gaming industry, be it by their enormous sales or great premise. Best selling games are the games that have sold the most amount of copies around the globe, but which of these games should hold their title of best-selling? Were there underhanded methods of the game being sold? Or was the game part of a package that people bought frequently? Either way, there are some games that deserve every penny they get, and there are some that might not deserve all their sales.



Now Minecraft is not everyone’s favorite game, but it definitely appeals to the 200 million people who have bought the game. Each year, Minecraft’s sales are always increasing, showing that its popularity does not seem to be coming to a stop. Published by Mojang back in 2011, Minecraft started off as a simple indie game where you gather recourses and try to survive. The game was a huge success, and to this day is the best-selling game of all time. It is debatable whether Minecraft deserves all its sales for some people. However, this game was published by Mojang, who was an indie company that no one knew about. Minecraft was their first game, and they did not have anything to rely on to help Minecraft become successful. If the game was published by someone like Nintendo, more people would have known about the game. So the fact that Mojang was a brand new publisher, that makes it all more impressive that the game is so successful




It is a sad thing to say that this game does not deserve its sales, as Wii Sports is a fabulous game that millions of people play on their Wii. However, the 82,900,000 sales the game currently has is questionable. One thing that people should know is that: Most people did not technically buy Wii Sports of their own will. That’s right, Wii Sports came in bundles with the Wii. When you bought a Wii, it would usually come with a copy of Wii Sports. If this is the case, that means that people did not buy Wii Sports because it was a good game, but rather because they had no choice if they wanted a Wii. If the game did not come with the Wii, which is one of the best-selling consoles, the sales would not have been so high. So sadly, Wii Sports does not deserve all of its sales


DOES DESERVE: Super Mario Bros

If any game on this list ABSOLUTELY deserves their sales, it’s Super Mario Bros. When Mario came out in the Video Game Crash of 1983-85, video games were at an all-time low. No one was buying video games nor were any companies promoting them like they did when Donkey Kong and Pac-Man were popular. Just when it seemed like video games would pass into an old fad, Nintendo came out with the NES. Of course, their Best-Seller was Super Mario Bros. This company single-handedly saved the popularity and existence of video games with this one game. By the end of the Crash, Mario had become the reason Nintendo was the dominant company in video games, and so any success this game received it deserved 100%.




Don’t get me wrong this is a fabulous game and is an extremely popular game on the Nintendo Switch. There are just some problems when it comes to if it deserves its sales. MK8 Deluxe is a REMAKE of a previous game on the Wii U. The Wii U is known as one of Nintendo’s worst consoles, so it makes sense they would port the games onto the much more successful Nintendo Switch. However this game is just here because it fixed the mistakes of the Wii U, so does the game deserve the sales it received if it was not even that well acclaimed on the Wii U? This installment of Mario Kart actually brought in almost twice as much money as its original game. So while it may have been a decent game to play, nothing about the game was brand new to the Mario Kart series, and Nintendo just lazily ported the game to the switch. Therefore, it earns its spot on the Doesn’t Deserve list




Here’s the thing: Everyone knows what Tetris is. The genius behind the success of the game is that it is on literally everything. The game is literally on 65 different platforms people can play it on.  One of the first multiplatform games in existence, there is no way the Russian game could have not sold well. The game’s insane popularity and potentially lead to a lot of companies wanting the game on their consoles. Because of this, people would be able to play Tetris on whatever they had. The demand for Tetris kept up throughout the years, and it definitely deserves all its sales. The game was so addicting for people to play, and it was well-received from the very start. Not many games are able to achieve this, but Tetris was able to accomplish this.



DOESN’T DESERVE: Grand Theft Auto V


Grand Theft Auto V is the best selling of the GTA series, but come on, there is no way it should have as many sales as it does. As innovative as the game is, Rockstar is milking this game, and a sequel has not been announced for years.  Remakes and ports have been frequently added to new consoles, and Rockstar just keeps making money on it. The game itself is very fun to play, and there is plenty of things to do to keep you entertained. People who play the game usually play over hundreds of hours on it, so the game itself is not bad in any way. What is annoying though, is that veteran players have seen this game remade for years. GTAV was also announced to be ported onto the Xbox Series X and PS5. It’s time for Rockstar to make a new game, and stop depending on GTA V!


Video games keep growing, getting more popular every year. The games on this list are the best of the best, with each one being dear to someone’s heart. These games brought something charming enough that millions of people can enjoy the game, and that is a huge feat. While some might not DESERVE their sales, people still enjoy these games, which is the whole point. As long as a video game can let a person’s life be more fun, then the game has done its job well.  And soon those games will be nostalgic for future generations, just like movies. Interesting how entertainment can do stuff like that!