Halloween Kills 2021 *Spoilers*


Arianna Bultsma, Staff Writer


Halloween Kills” from Comcast Corp.’s Universal Pictures directed by David Gordon Green was released in theaters on Friday, October 15th, 2021. The unstoppable Michael Myers has yet to be defeated, the nightmare of those resents living in Haddonfield, Illinois hasn’t been put to rest since that one Halloween in 1963. 

This film is definitely not for the weak-stomached with its realistic and gory scenes throughout the full screening.  Unlike most horror films, not all the main characters are able to survive the danger of Michael Myers. You won’t be able to guess and assume which character will make it to November 1st. Who knows maybe even Laurie Strode’s own daughter Karen Nelson won’t back it to see a day after Halloween but only the movie can tell you who we lost on Halloween night this time. 

If you have seen the movie that started this all – Halloween 1978 – then when watching this movie you will see some familiar faces from the beginning of this iconic franchise. In the first movie, Annie Brackett is babysitting a little girl named Lindsey who survives the night with the little boy Tommy when Laurie Strode keeps them safe from Myers. Now in Halloween Kills, we see Lindsey all grown-up played by Kyle Richards the same actress who played Lindsey those years ago. While on the topic of Annie Brackett if you remember her dad was Sheriff Brackett played by Charles Cyphers makes a return too in this 2021 film. Just like those two the character nurse Marion Chambers the nurse who Michael tried to attack in the car when he first escaped the hospital played by Nancy Stephens is another familiar face for the Halloween fans. Sadly the original actor who played Tommy in the first Halloween movie Brian Andrews is not the actor playing Tommy in this movie but is played by Anthony Michael Hall

Something I believe to be special in this film that we don’t see in the others happens during the start of Halloween Kills. We get to see flashbacks from the returning characters like Lindsey, Tommy, Lonnie, the nurse Marion, and Hawkins. In the first movie, Marion is attacked by Michael when he first escaped the hospital unlike the first time she does not make it past Myers in Halloween Kills and dies when he attackers her once again in a car. With Lonnie and Hawkins, we see what role they played 40 years ago that Halloween night in Haddonfield. Back then Lonnie was a little boy trick or treating who just so happened to have had a face-to-face encounter with Michael Myers himself. With Hawkins, I feel there is more of a story to him. For one on that Halloween night, he was trying to catch Myers with the other police in the town. Long story short, he and his partner were very close to getting him but instead of shooting Michael when he held Hawkins’s partner, he shot his partner.

To add to this when Michael could have died from another gunshot Hawkins had them stop because at that moment what he was thinking was how Michael Myers was somebody’s child. Another moment in this film that stuck out to me was when an innocent man died by Haddonfield residences who thought he was Myers. This man was the patient who escaped when Michael also escaped the bus in the last movie. While watching this scene I may have shredded a tear or two for two from not only sadness but stress and anger at the residences characters in the film. In the scene, the man came to the hospital to get help but the town members in the hospital heard someone yell Michael and all hell broke loose. Something that caused me personally stress and not-so-happy feelings were the facts that this man looked nothing like Michael Myers. Yes, I know nobody has seen his face yet there were so many reasons to see the difference between the two without knowing Myers’s face was for the fact that they walked two completely different ways, had different body shapes and sizes, and this man’s hair was much longer and would have looked different than Michael does with his mask on. The sad part for me was when Karen, Laurie’s daughter, was trying to tell everyone that was not even Michael and when she tried to help the man from the townspeople. When she had the man protected by two doors the townspeople tried to break the door open and yelled at the man that he was evil. Keep in mind this man was not in a right state of mind. I believe that that caused what happened next to happen. Sadly the man broke a window and jumped out to his death and yes this was very gory and realistic. 

The last part of this film was shocking at the moment but in all honesty, I should have expected this or something like that to happen. Michael Myers gets cornered and has no way of getting out of the Haddonfield people. We see Myers get shot at, hit at, down on the floor, and more but then the scene takes a turn. Michael Myers the unstoppable of course doesn’t die. He attacks those there killing all of them including Tommy who 40 years ago was the little boy getting babysat by Laurie. You might think this was the end of the shocking but expected part but it’s not. As this is happening we see Karen at Michael’s childhood home looking out to the window of what used to be his sister’s room. She then walks up to the room looking out the window. Maybe you would have thought the movie would end right there but who are we kidding none of the Halloween movies end how we think. Do you think she’s alone in that room, if you thought she was, you’re wrong Michael Myers is right behind her. You can probably think about how that is going to end for Laurie’s daughter. Yup, she doesn’t make it past Michael Myer’s attack.

Now us, Halloween fans, must wait for the next of Michael Myers. Mark your calendars for October 14th, 2022 which is going to be on a Friday for Halloween Ends. Will this finally be the end of Michael Myers? Only time will tell us.