Are High School Friendships Worth It?


Mikaile Ford (Kai), Staff Writer

Me and my girlfriend/ best friend on the left and my twin and her girlfriend/ best friend on the right. We are all super close and consider ourselves to already be family.

Thinking back on my almost 4 years of high school, I can safely say that without at least one or two real people by my side, I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today. In my first article I wrote about how I had a lot of friends, but still felt I was alone because of the problems I faced with my identity, but my friends seemed to still be there for me no matter what. I am always surrounded by a lot of people because I’m a very social person, but there is only a small friend group that I actually trust can handle me and everything that comes with me.

All the not so pretty sides of me, every distortion to my original image, my imperfections. I have learned and grown a lot from my freshman year because I have learned from my small select friend group. We would get mad at each other all the time, we would laugh together and cry together, we would hurt together and grow together, we would fight each other and for each other and honestly it’s been the most rewarding years of my life, growing with them. I’m so confident that if I hadn’t had people who push me as much as they do, who don’t inspire me to do what I don’t think I’m capable of like they do, who make me feel like I’m worth more than I believe I am like they do, then I wouldn’t have made it through high school.

Yes, education is important and my mom would always tell me that high school friends are just placeholders for real friendships in college, but placeholders or not, these people have affected my life permanently and taught me life lessons I would’ve otherwise been sheltered from. Friendship is important, as you can learn both good and bad lessons from your friends. You can practice your people skills. Good friends will help you climb and be the best you that you can be, whether that’s by motivating you and having your back or studying extra with you to make sure you both pass the next test. Good friends are really hard to find and for some people, they are very hard to keep.

A lot of people take kindness as a weakness nowadays, so good friends are mistreated and lost along the way. I consider myself to be a good friend as I check on all my friends’ mental and physical health and go out of my way to help them as best as I can, but only a few people can reciprocate that same kindness and that’s what destroys a friendship. It doesn’t take too much time to be there for someone who has always been there for you. If someone has been there for you through everything, reciprocate that same kindness and you will be rewarded with a friendship that will only grow stronger.