“Home of the Fresh” c Burned Down



Christopher Oliver, Staff Writer

The Wendy’s fast-food restaurant on 415 Magnolia Ave, had its roof burned down a few weeks ago on Sunday, November 28th. At 4:21 Am, a first arriving vehicle reported seeing intense smoke and heavy flames covering the restaurant’s roof. The firefighters reported for duty and arrived at the burning structure around 4:30 am and quickly began to work. By this time, Wendy’s was already closed, so no people were found inside or in danger. The location of the fire seems to have begun in the kitchen area, which prompts the question of what caused the fire. As of now, there is no evidence or reason as to why the Wendy’s was suddenly covered in intense flames, and the case is being investigated as we speak to determine why the building caught fire. The firefighter did have a very difficult time putting out this fire. Because of their struggles, 2 aerial ladders trucks were set up to fight the fire from above, which would give them a better aim on the fire. The aerial attempts were not as fruitful as expected. Thus the firefighters went back down to fight the fire using normal methods on the ground.  The groups, there were still fighting the fire about an hour later at 5:40, where the fire was finally put out. The roof of the building suffered some bad burns, and the base of the structure (Including the wood) is now exposed. There is also extreme damage done to the inside of the building. It is lucky that the roof did not suffer any more damage thanks to the firefighters and their quick response to the incident.

A recording of the event was posted on Youtube from OnScene TV, who uploaded the video on November 29th. If you would like to view the video, the link is right below for those intrigued:


Thank you to all of the firefighters who were there at the scene, and fought the fire, and saved the building from any further damage.

The Wendy’s is currently closed, and no notice has been given on when the restaurant will reopen. There is sadly not a lot of information that is available about the incident, and there are investigations proceeding to understand more about what exactly happened. It could be the cause of a stove or oven left on by one of the staff members, which caused something to catch on fire. However, no one knows the reason behind the fire at the moment, and hopefully, these investigations shall shed light on what occurred. You can see on their google maps and (Apple) Maps description, they have let people know that they will be temporarily closed, which is a good sign for customers to be able to eat there again. This Wendys, in particular, is quite cherished among the community, and most reviews of this restaurant location are very positive. The damage to the building is not drastic, so it will only be a matter of time for Wendy’s enjoyers to be able to eat here again.