Top 5 Christmas Movies

Tina Ngo, Staff Writer

With the holidays coming up and the spirit getting brighter and cheerier, people want to get cozy and snuggle up to some amazing Christmas movies that are filled with love, holiday spirit, joy, and of course family. That is what Christmas is all about. So here are the top 5 amazing Christmas movies of all time. 

  1. The Grinch

The Grinch is a Christmas classic that everyone enjoys. No one could ever go wrong with this particular movie. It has a funny twist to it because he hates Christmas and essentially wants to steal it away from everyone. His mind, however, does change due to a precious little girl with the jolliest spirit. It’s a heartwarming story that tells a tale as old as time that goes to show the power of optimism. 

2. Elf

It is a loving movie that really focuses on the concept of fitting in. Buddy wants to fit in but fails to do so because he is both elf and human; he can’t seem to fit into either world. The whole movie’s idea is the journey of finding where you really and genuinely belong in the world. He’s a human that was adopted by Santa’s little helpers–elves–but later heads to the city that never sleeps–New York–and meets his biological father. Christmas is about being with your family all while spreading great spirit which was demonstrated. 

3. Home Alone

As bratty and young as they come, Kevin starts acting out before a family Christmas trip to Paris. His mom then makes him sleep in the attic and he wishes to have no family. His family accidentally leaves him for the airport by himself, but as gullible as they come, he thought his wish came true. He’s no longer giddy when two burglars attempt to rob his home so he has to save his family home. But of course, there’s a happy ending for a happy Christmas movie because he’s eventually reunited. This is a classic movie and has numerous to its collection. 

4. The Polar Express

It tells a tale about a youthful little boy who sees a mystifying train that stops outside of his window. The train is headed to the North Pole and he got invited by the train conductor. He then joins many other little kids on a journey to visit the one and only Santa Claus–they’re skeptical. The moral message is believing in the magic of Christmas which is one of the numerous ideas the holidays send out, believing in the magic of Christmas.

5. Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas!

A classic and loving Disney movie that’s all about making it work for the family during the holidays. The infamous Duncan

family is adjusting to Charlie and Toby. The family was supposed to go to Palm Springs, California for Christmas but on the airplane, Teddy gives up her seat to prove to her parents that she can travel alone–quite stubborn. As a great parent, Amy is not able to let her daughter travel alone so she also gets off. Christmas isn’t normal in the Duncan family, but they try to make it work. Although the situation is not ideal, they have each other and Christmas is all about family.