School Shootings are Becoming Far Too Normal

Backpack and sign on ground at March for Life protest

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Backpack and sign on ground at March for Life protest

Kate O, Staff Writer

School is a place to learn, to grow, even to socialize and meet new people. Lately going to school has become a fear not just because of tests and worrying about grades but the worry that students won’t make it back home. Who would have thought that school would be a place where people don’t feel safe. 

Now everyone has their own beliefs and opinions of guns and gun control. In the U.S. this has been a highly controversial topic for years. The Constitution of the United States Second Amendment states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. We know that this means that citizens of the United States have the right to own a gun as it is protected by this Amendment. 

Constitution of America.

The Second Amendment was adopted into the Constitution in 1791 as part of the Bill Of Rights. This was over 230 years ago that this was written. Guns have changed society and its people have changed. By creating this Amendment people have the right to carry a firearm. 

I’m not telling you what your opinion

on this should be or if it’s right or not. I am saying that this is a right and freedom that people have. Guns are not the problem it’s whose hands the guns are in that’s the problem.

There have been countless school shootings in the last couple of years. Who is shooting up our schools? Kids, Students, TEENAGERS! Have there been adults, yes but it’s mainly students. These adolescents are getting a hold of guns but a gun without a finger on the trigger or bullets in the chamber is just a gun. However, when you add an angry person who wants to hurt others a gun with bullets and that finger on the trigger you create a weapon. 

Who is giving these people guns especially the kids? I’m sure many already know about the recent Oxford, Michigan shooting just late last month. A 15-year-old Ethan Crumbly shot 11 students killing 4.  Now, this shooting is a whole other story but what I found interesting was the fact that this gun that the convicted shooting had was given to him by his parents. A kid who can’t even drive not to mention not old enough to even buy a gun was given one by his parents. 

We can’t control every person’s dumb and horrific choices if we could there wouldn’t be drunk drivers on the road or people overdosing. Instead, we inflict laws rules that must be followed, and if not they suffer the punishments. There are laws against drinking and driving and laws against certain drugs. There are also laws for people who wish to own guns. Many laws are given to have a gun or to be able to conceal one the owners must be licensed to buy them and to openly carry one. 

With laws and rules, there is never a guarantee that they will not be broken which is why there are punishments for breaking laws. For every action is a consequence. When it comes to school shootings this can be tricky. Yes, if someone has a gun who shouldn’t they will suffer the consequences, but what if it’s too late. Why must people die first and then the one who caused it to be punished? Why not do anything and everything to avoid the murder of innocent lives?

School is supposed to be a safe place and we are told that children are a priority. Then why is it every time a shooting occurs and another child has to die that we still do nothing? How many deaths does it take to step up and figure out that maybe something should be done? If kids are a priority then make them one keep them safe. Protect us. 

We do what we are told.  We go to school.  We do our work.  Now it’s time to help us keep ourselves from being fearful to go to school. How many Oxford Michigans, Columbines, Parklands, Grundy Virginias, or Tucson Arizona’s does there have to be and that’s just naming a few. 

Now, what can we do? We have laws but we know that people break them. Metal detectors. Why not? Expensive, yes but are the lives of innocent children worth it? Guards: schools should have armed guards or police officers on campus all day every day. With security screening, guards, and k-9’s on campuses students can feel and be safer, as they should at school. 

This world is scary and has its fair share of wrongful doing people and maybe all these things won’t happen or maybe they will save many lives. All I know is that this is a huge problem we have been avoiding for far too long and it’s time and it’s been a time that it be acknowledged and taken care of. Our students, teachers, and staffs lives are far too important to allow tragic events like this to occur. Something needs to be done and people need to make it known. No matter your views, your religion, or who you are we all need to protect each other and ensure safety in our schools once again.