Songs For A Rainy Drive


Jocelynn Veliz, Op/Ed Editor

The noise of the rain hitting the car and road and the peacefulness of driving through the gloomy weather creates a perfect atmosphere for clearing your mind. In fact, it is probably one of the most therapeutic things that I have done and I’m sure many others have done as well. Having gone on many rainy drives to clear my mind in the midst of drowning in emotions, I have found melancholy and /sad/ music to be best suited for these types of drives. Sadly it seems that the rain is beginning to go away with Spring creeping upon us, so in honor of saying goodbye to the rain, here are some of the best songs I have listened to on a rainy drive that can suit a variety of feelings. 


Somewhere Tonight By Beach House

Album: Thank Your Lucky Stars 

I found the song’s beginning instrumentals to go in beautiful accordance with the noise of the rain hitting the car and the sound of Victoria Legrand’s voice makes it seem as if you’re driving through a misty dream. The song captures the feeling of yearning for love or even just affection but only being able to indulge in it for one night, suiting a common obstacle many faces, yearning for what you don’t or can’t have. 



Pierre By Men I Trust 

Album: Oncle Jazz 

This song has been one of my favorites for a long time as I find that the instrumentals flow beautifully with Emma Proulx’s voice creating a whimsical song that pairs well with the rain. The song captures the longing of wanting to tell someone that you’ll be there for them always.


Featherstone By Paper Kites

EP: Woodland 

Much more upbeat in tune compared to the first two songs, it still has the soft element that makes it perfect for a rainy drive. While there is no shame in singing songs out loud in the car alone, it is also a good feeling to do it with friends and this would a perfect song to do that in rain. 


Switzerland – Soccer Mommy 

Album: For Young Hearts 

This song tugs at the heartstrings as

 their voice expresses the sweet longing for someone and what you both could do, “ Just you and me. We could go to Switzerland.” A perfect song to listen to when you’re thinking of that special someone when driving through the rainfall. 



Funeral – Phoebe Bridgers

Album: Stranger in the Alps 

When in a state of mind where you are ripping yourself apart and facing all this self-reflection, this song would be perfect to listen to as it expresses what that situation feels like. Listening to this paired during a rainy drive is a fulfilling way of expressing how one feels about themselves. 




For the next rainy day, I hope whoever reads this takes a beautiful drive through it and clears their mind to these songs and others that seamlessly fit the ambiance of the action as a whole. 


Drive Safely!